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Jimmy Gonzalez of Grupo Mazz passes away

Tejano Sensation Jimmy Gonzalez of the Tejano band Grupo Mazz died Wednesday morning after being hospitalized in San Antonio for problems with Diabetic Hyplogleycemia .

According to relatives Gonzalez was taken to Mthodist hospital this morning after his blood sugar dropped.

Relatives have confirmed Gonzalez died around 9:30 a.m.

Update on Texas Commission of Jail Standards Inspection

Maverick County was officially notified by the Texas Commission of Jail Standards that the Tom Bowels Detention Center was found in compliance after an inspection during Tuesday and Wednesday of this past week.

Sheriff Scmerber stated that due to the hard work and dedication of his staff and administration the facility passed inspection during the first assessment.

During the inspection visit the TCJS inspector found no deficiencies deemed problematic to warrant a non-passing grade.

Sheriff Tom Schmerber states that all aspects of security and instruments for daily operations were reviewed and deemed fit to continue operating.

Schmerber noted that this is the first time in more than 15 years that a state inspection is passed on the first visit. On other occasion’s some issues found did not allow for the facility to be certified on the first visits. The issues were corrected as allowed by law and a re-inspection was then performed to certify the jail.

Texas Commission of Jail Standards inspections is performed on a yearly basis during the months of April or May.

WIC program informs community on eligibilty requiments

WIC Program Director Lupita Fuentes would like to inform the community especially expecting mothers on who is eligible for WIC services.

Who is eligible and who can apply? “Pregnant women, women who are breastfeeding a baby under 1 year of age, women who have a baby in the past six months, parents, step-parents, guardians, and foster parents of infants and children under the age of 5 can also apply.” states Fuentes.”If you have a job or if you have to private health insurance, you can still apply for WIC. You do not have to be married to apply for WIC.” states Fuentes

Fuentes states that all WIC services are free to those who are eligible.

“There are certain eligibility requirements including meeting the income guidelines. Households with incomes at or below 185 percent of the federal poverty income level are eligible. -WIC determines income based on gross income. WIC counts all of the members of a household, related or unrelated. WIC counts an unborn baby as a household member.”

Fuentes added that all WIC clients receive an initial health and diet screening at a WIC clinic to determine nutritional risk using two determining categories for nutritional risks which are (1) medically based risks such as a history of poor pregnancy outcome, underweight status, or iron-deficiency anemia, and (2) diet based risks such as poor eating habits that can lead to poor nutritional and health status.

“Clients will then be counseled at WIC about these risks and the outcome influenced by nutrition education and nutritious foods by WIC.”

WIC clients usually receive services in the county where they live. U.S. Citizenship is not a requirement for eligibility.

The community WIC Services offices are located at 1175 Eidson Road
(830) 752-3000 and at the Eagle Pass Veterans Blvd WIC Clinic behind United Medical Centers (830) 773-5358

For more information including hours of operation, you’re asked to call the WIC offices.

Domestic Violence a constant threat in Maverick County

Domestic Violence remains a constant threat to the community with numerous incidents occurring on a weekly basis within Maverick County.

The latest incident reported by Sheriff Tom Schmerber occurred on Monday May, 28, leaving a male adult with severe wounds requiring his transfer to a Medical facility in the city of San Antonio.

Sheriff Schmerber reports that deputies were called to Blanca St. In the Loma Bonita Sector of the community in regards to a possible Domestic Violence incident.

Upon arrival to the scene of the call , deputies made contact with an individual who was laid out on the floor with multiple injuries to the head and body.

Schmerber states that the victim did identify his aggressor as his own brother. The male adult was then transported to the Fort Duncan Regional Medical Centers Emergency Room for further treatment but was transported to San Antonio due to the severity of his injuries.

Maverick County Sheriff Detectives are working the case in order to determine what transpired and possibly issue out an arrest warrant on the person identified as the aggressor.

Domestic Violence incidents occur frequently in our community, being one of the most recurring and dangerous incidents reported to law enforcement officials,

Spectrum customers feel the pinch of interrupted service

For any Spectrum and old Time Warner customers, your cable may be interrupted on some TV’s beginning on June 1.

This will be due to the new digital cable box upgrade being structured and effective as of Thursday.

The upgrade has caught many subscribers who are not ready for the changes by surprise.

Many clients have voiced their dissatisfaction to the local Spectrum offices.

As of late last week, Police security was requested by the company. And officers have been on standby outside of the offices due to problems that could arise.

Beginning June 1, 2018, every television connected to Spectrum will require a digital box in order for it to transmit images and be viewed.

Spectrum is providing an extra digital box for their customers depending on qualification. This box will be good for one year. After that a charge of $6.99 per digital box will be applied. The same charge will apply for every extra box, you request.

At this point, the majority of customers already have at least one digital box in their homes but will have to obtain other boxes to connect their other televisions.Depending on the package you have,customers will be eligible for a free digital receiver under a limited period of time.

Boxes will be charged at $6.99 per month for Spectrum and $11.75 per month for legacy Time Warner customers after the free period is over or for any additional boxes beyond the free ones a customer may be eligible for.

“If you have a set-top box, digital transport adapter (DTA), or a retail CableCard device connected to each of your TVs, you should be unaffected by this change. However, if you are currently receiving the Starter, Spectrum Basic, Standard, or Spectrum Select Service Tier offerings on any TV without equipment supplied by Charter, you will lose the ability to view any channels on that TV. In such case, you are entitled to receive equipment at no additional charge or service fee for a limited period of time.”

The number of boxes you’re entitled will be dependent on the cable package you pay for. So please ask your Spectrum representative about this issue.

Greg Abbott hosts roundtable on safety and security of Texas Schools

Governor Greg Abbott hosted the third roundtable discussion focused on improving the safety and security of Texas schools on Thursday, May 24, 2018. Thursday’s roundtable featured an open discussion among victims, students, families, and educators from the Santa Fe, Alpine and Sutherland Springs communities.

Throughout the series of roundtables, the Governor has spoken to and heard from victims, parents, educators, lawmakers, and experts to generate solutions that improve safety and security at Texas schools and in our communities.

Locally in Maverick County, the Eagle Pass Independent School District and Law Enforcement agencies take this matters seriously and are in unison to assure the safety of students, faculty and all employees of the School District.

Certain protocols are in place at every campus regarding threats and possible attacks of violence by any subject.

Most recently a Memorial Junior High School student was reprimanded and expelled from in school activity due to threats of violence against the students and staff.

The teen was transferred to a San Antonio, Texas Psychiatric Hospital for treatment. The teen was then placed in the EPISD Disciplinary Alternative Education Program

Tax Lawsuits a haven of viable income for some attorneys

Tax lawsuits are a tool used by governmental agencies to assure that they collect delinquent funds owed to them by taxpaying residents on their properties after the entity has gone through all legal recourse’s.

On a yearly basis local governing agencies taxing attorneys’ file what are known as Tax Lawsuits as a way to recover the funds owed to the governing body from delinquent taxpayers.

They either collect the money owed, work out payment plans and a last recourse of possession of the property in question and sale to recover the money owed.

Locally there are three governmental entities that go through this process and often have to foreclose on properties that are delinquent in their taxes. The organizations in question are the Eagle Pass Independent School District (EPISD), Maverick County and the City of Eagle Pass.

A review of information from two of these agencies was made. In the past 29 months there have been 469 tax lawsuits filed by the EPISD and Maverick County.

Up to now the EPISD through its tax attorneys’ Linebarger, Goggan, Blair and Sampson LLP have filed 342 of those suits. During 2018 the EPISD has filed 54 lawsuits filed. In 2017 EPISD filed 222 tax suits, and during 2016 they filed 66.

Maverick County through their tax attorneys’ Perdue , Brandon, Fielder, Collins & Motts LLP have filed 127 tax suits in the past 29 months. During 2018 the County has filed 48 suits, while in 2017 there were 11 tax suits, and in 2016 they filed 68 tax law suits for delinquent taxes.

Apart from paying what’s owed to the taxing entity the delinquent taxpayer must also pay the court cost fees which are often in the hundreds of dollars.

An insider did state that the amount of taxing lawsuits filed on a yearly basis is just a small percentage of the actual amount of properties that are behind in taxation.” There are property owners that owe thousands of dollars in taxes from many, many years ago.” said the insider.” Timely payment on your property taxes is the best way to avoid penalties.”

The fact that a tax lawsuit has been filed against a property owner for delinquent taxes owed does not mean that a property(ies) will be taken away. The governmental entity does give the debtor an opportunity to pay the debt.

If you owe any Ad Valorem taxes on any property and receive notification of such fact you are advised to contact the governing entity to avoid further action which may result in the loss of your property for unpaid taxes.