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Will Hurd wins re-election bid after challenger Gina Ortiz Jones concedes

Democrat Gina Ortiz Jones conceded Monday in her challenge to unseat U.S. Rep. Will Hurd, (R), ensuring a third term for Hurd in his battleground district.

“While we came up short this time, we ran a race of which we can be proud,” Jones said in a statement. “I remain committed to serving my community and country, and I wish Will Hurd the courage to fight for TX-23 in the way in which our district deserves.”

In an election straight out of the 2000 presidential race, there were questions as to the validity of the election due to a late night change in the number of the votes cast in Medina County. That along with a large number of provisional ballots out forced the media to withdraw their call which was made a bit premature.

In the end, the margin narrowed by a little over 1000 votes, however, the margin needed to win was still too large.

Congressman Will Hurd will begin his third term on January 3, 2019.

Union Pacific eyes increasing number of rail lines in city limits to alleviate traffic

On a daily basis, you see hundreds of railroad freight cars pass through the middle of town. These cars are carrying goods in and out of Mexico.

For a few years now, the number of rail cars that cross our border has been steadily increasing.

The company behind the increased freight crossing is Union Pacific who serves the area’s international rail bridge and all six major gateways along the border.

Union Pacific Railroad Public Affairs Director Ivan Jaime has stated in the past that UP’s intention is to triple the number of rail cars crossing through Eagle Pass in the near future.

Jaime has stated that UP intends to expand their single railroad line into two lines coming into the City limits of Eagle Pass sometime during early 2018. This will allow for the volume of rail cars being handled through Eagle Pass grow immensely.

Since 2008 to today Union Pacific’s business has increased by 500% through Eagle Pass going from 500 railroad cars crossings per day to more than 2,000 railroad cars per day.

The Eagle Pass Port of Entry has become the No. 1 rail port for Union Pacific.

Up to now, Union Pacific has invested heavily into the Eagle Pass Market. Jaime has stated that over $100 Million since 2009 to their facilities between Eagle Pass and Spofford, Texas.

One of Union Pacific’s investments has been the expansion of its South Lot with two railroad lines up to the U.S. Highway 277 Overpass on Veterans Blvd.

Union Pacific continues increasing its business presence in our area and is scheduled to continue growing into the future.

Border Patrol conducting reshuffle to reinforce border in other states

Close to 600 United States Customs and Border Protection Agents currently assigned to Texas have been deployed to California and Arizona to assist in protecting the nation’s border from a mass group of immigrants that are making their way to the U.S. / Mexico Border.

Included in the group of Border Patrol agents sent to California and Arizona are approximately 5 local BP agents.

The five agents are part of the large deployment who will wait for the caravan of immigrants and provide border reinforcement as requested by United States President Donald Trump.

The United States Customs and Border Protection Agency provided a statement regarding the deployment of CBP personnel to the states of California and Arizona.

“CBP continues to monitor the large caravan of about 4,000 as they make their way to Tijuana. We are also monitoring several additional caravans moving north toward the U.S. border.

CBP is prepared, with DOD support, to ensure border security as they approach our ports of entry. We are moving hundreds of additional CBP personnel into place to ensure our ability to safely address multiple potential contingencies, at and between the Southern California ports of entry.”

Official Statement on stabbing by EPPD

Two perish in collision on Hwy 57 near Batesville

The two people that died in a head-on collision on Tuesday night, around 8:30 pm, on Highway 57, near the town of Batesville, Texas have been identified.

Sources have identified the victims as Ramiro Ochoa and Emilia Hernandez, who are reported to residing in San Antonio, Texas, and traveling from Piedras Negras at the time of the tragic accident that took their lives.

Law enforcement officials reported that a motor vehicle accident between a blue 4×4 Chevy pick-up truck and a Honda SUV occurred and that there had been two casualties in the gruesome accident that left the two vehicles completely destroyed.

Reports state that two other people were seriously injured in the accident.

Frio County Sheriff deputies and Department of Public Safety (DPS) Troopers were dispatched to the accident scene and closed down Highway 57 for more than five hours as an investigation was conducted.

MCHD Board seats re-elected and new member as trustees

The Maverick County Hospital District Board of Trustees held a special meeting on Wednesday, November 14, 2018, in which they handled matters pertaining to the recent Trustees election.

Among the items taken on by the Board and Trustees was a report from MCHD CEO Terri Patlan Contreras on the election results and canvassing of the votes.

Contreras informed the Board and public in attendance of the official results and declared incumbent board trustee Adolfo “Fito” Olivares and newcomer Aaron Valdez as the newly elected officers set to begin a four-year term.

The Board proceeded to approve the election and canvassing results.

Contreras then stated that the new officers would take their Oath of Office.

Adolfo Olivares proceeded to take his oath of office and thanked everyone for their support.

Aaron Valdez joined the MCHD Board of Trustees as he was sworn in by Assistant Administrator Marisa Soto.

Valdez thanked everyone in attendance and took his place as MCHD Trustee.

Airplane Crash kills one at Laughlin AFB

A pilot was killed after a military trainer aircraft crashed at Laughlin Air Force Base in Del Rio, Texas, on Tuesday evening, officials confirmed.

Reports out of Laughlin AFB state that the aircraft crashed at around 7:40 p.m. on the base.

Officials have confirmed that the downed aircraft is an Air Force T-38 Talon.

Laughlin AFB gave official confirmation just past midnight that a pilot had died in the crash while another was transferred to Val Verde Medical Center for treatment.

Officials are withholding the names of the pilots until their family members can be informed of their deaths.

Laughlin AFB is scheduled to provide additional details as more information is known.

A board of officers will begin to investigate the incident.