City and County report update on testing

City and County officials continue monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic including receiving information on the amount of people being tested.On Wednesday evening, Eagle Pass Mayor Luis Sifuentes and Maverick County Judge David Saucedo were notified that the number of people tested had doubled going from 75 to 159.The increase in testing is a result of consolidation of information from all local doctors being required to submit COVID testing to the LHA, Dr. Victoriano Valdez.Of those individuals 4 people have tested positive for COVID-19.Mayor Sifuentes did announce that
thankfully 79 of those tests are negative. There are 76 test results pending.

Today is April Fool’s Day but few people are laughing

They say that laughter is the best medicine but in all honesty it’s kind of difficult to do so at this time.

We sit at crossroads in our history. It is April 1st and no one is laughing. The current situation has forced us as humans to come to terms with our mortality but also forced us to realize that we are stubborn.

We live in a small town and often are overlooked by America in general, when World or Nationwide issues emerge we are usually the last to feel the effects. However, now we aren’t the last. We are now living a change. It is NOT business as usual and if you still believe it is then sorry you can’t grasp the situation. We are living in a possibility of death knocking on our door, every outing should be treated as such. NO this is not to ignite conspiracy theorists and say that the media is out to control you but so many will and that is their loss. Often times as a reporter we sit by on the sidelines and watch as things occur and give our information based on our observations.

Our reports vary from death by natural causes, suicides and car accidents. They have always been about how it affected others. Now we are part of the story. We shelter in place as much as we can, as we live on the frontline as many of the other brave essential workers. This virus has made us fearful, realize we can die and it can come in something so simple as a handshake or hug.

If you don’t fear for your life what could be a positive test then go about your business and let the rest of us worry. It is America and a free country, however your ignorace and selfish behavior has consequences and will invariably and in some way affect me or someone close to you. Your recklessnes should not cause me to fear.

Yes we understand, yes we try to do as much as we can and hope or the best. However, we are human and can be prone to the effects of cabin fever, anxiety, restlessness and general hysteria. We need to learn to cope, there are resources to help us deal, one huge suggestion is unplug from social media, stop listening to news for a time and in general learn to relax. We in the news media usually don’t have much of an option to unplug.

We need to reflect and realize that our life is precious and enjoy this time. We must treasure each moment with our children at home, our parents (if we are lucky enough to have them), and our significant other. If you don’t have someone near you reach out. Call, facetime, text or anything that’ll help, just stay home.

I know that in a while it will be one more hour that has ticked on our clock. I also know the sun will rise after a fall and so will we.

One thing that is certain in life is that one day we will smile, cry and return to normal. That day will certainly come. In the meantime, Today is April Fool’s, Go to YouTube, Facebook or whatever, take a moment to smile and laugh. We are strong and will survive.

Piedras Negras reports 2 cases of COVID-19

According to Mexican Secretary of Health, 2 male individuals, 26 and 47, have tested positive for COVID-19 in Piedras Negras.

In the state of Coahuila, a total of 59 cases have been reported. Of which 37 are in the city of Monclova. The outbreak there was due to a patient being seen at a Doctors office. The doctor then went on to attend to patients in the State Hospital (IMSS #7).

Mexico ordered a Nationwide Shelter in Place as of March 30 and locally in Piedras Negras police patrol at night to enforce the order.

Se detecta 4° caso de Coronavirus

El alcalde de la ciudad de Eagle Pass, Luis Sifuentes, anunció que se detectó un cuarto caso confirmado de coronavirus en el condado de Maverick / Eagle Pass.

“Estas próximas dos o cuatro semanas son críticas para todos nosotros. ¡Haga su parte! Cuanto menos se mueva en nuestra comunidad, más rápido detendremos la propagación de este virus”, declaró el alcalde Sifuentes.

El alcalde Sifuentes y el juez del condado de Maverick, David Saucedo, realizaron una conferencia de prensa el martes 31 de marzo, en la que anunciaron que se detectó un tercer caso positivo para COVID-19 en el condado de Maverick.

Aproximadamente a las 12:30 pm del miércoles, el alcalde Sifuentes anunció el cuarto resultado positivo.

Hasta el miércoles, se habían evaluado 75 personas con 4 resultados positivos y 40 resultados negativos.

El alcalde Sifuentes declaró que todavía hay 31 resultados de pruebas pendientes.

4th case of COVID-19 has been detected

Eagle Pass City Mayor Luis Sifuentes announced that a 4th confirmed coronavirus case has been detected in Maverick County/Eagle Pass.

“These next two to four weeks are critical for all of us. Do your part! The less you move around in our community the faster we will stop the spread of this virus,” stated Mayor Sifuentes.

Mayor Sifuentes and Maverick County Judge David Saucedo held a press conference on Tuesday, March 31, in which they announced that a third positive case for COVID-19 has been detected in Maverick County.

At approximately 12:30 pm on Wednesday, Mayor Sifuentes announced the 4th positive result.

As of Wednesday there have been 75 individuals tested with 4 positive test results and 40 negative results.

Mayor Sifuentes stated that there are still 31 test results pending.

Gobernador de Texas extiende orden de cierre de escuelas

El martes 31 de marzo de 2020, el gobernador de Texas Greg Abbott extendió su orden para mantener las escuelas cerradas hasta el 4 de mayo de 2020. Esta orden permanecerá vigente hasta que termine la amenaza inmediata de la pandemia de COVID-19.

En una orden ejecutiva anterior, el gobernador emitió para que los trabajadores y el personal no esenciales sigan las pautas federales de distanciamiento social. En otra orden, el domingo pasado, ordenó que las personas que viajan desde Nueva York, Nueva Jersey, Connecticut, Nuevo Orleans, Miami, Atlanta, Detroit, Chicago, California y Washington se requieran a la Cuarentena por no menos de 14 días o la duración de su viaje en el estado.

No existe una orden actual de refugio para el estado, sin embargo, el Gobernador lo ha dejado a discreción de cada municipio.

A nivel local, los funcionarios de la ciudad y el condado están tomando todas las medidas posibles para garantizar la seguridad de los residentes.

El Corte de Comisionados del Condado de Maverick y el Concilio de la Ciudad de Eagle Pass están en proceso de adoptar una nueva Declaración de Desastre enmendada que restringirá los viajes en el Condado de Maverick y autorizará a la Autoridad de Salud Local a tomar medidas y otras acciones necesarias para garantizar la salud pública y la seguridad de los residentes del condado de Maverick.

Texas Governor announces extension of school closures

On Tuesday, March 31, 2020 Texas Governor Greg Abbott extended his order to keep schools closed until May 4, 2020. This order will remain in place until the immediate threat of the COVID-19 pandemic is over.

In an earlier Executive Order, the governor issued for non-essential workers and staff to follow the federal guidelines for social distancing. In another order, this past Sunday, he ordered that persons travelling from New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, New Orleans, Miami, Atlanta, Detroit, Chicago, California and Washington would be required to Self-Quarantine for no less than 14 days or the length of their trip in the state.

There is no current order to shelter in place for the state however, the Governor has left that up the discretion of each municipality.

Locally, City and County officials are taking every measure possible to assure the residents safety.

The Maverick County Commissioners Court and Eagle Pass City Council are in the process of adopting a new amended Declaration of Disaster which will restrict travel in Maverick County and authorize Local Health Authority to take action and other necessary actions to provide for the public health and safety of the residents of Maverick County.