Undocumented immigrant almost crushed by city trash compactor

An undocumented migrant was almost crushed to death by a City Trash Compacting Truck.

The Honduran National had apparently gotten into a trash bin to spend the night and was abruptly awoken at around 5:00 am when the vehicle showed up for trash pickup.

The individual and bin contents were then dumped into the powerful compacter to be crushed.

The migrant is reported to have been yelling for help in which the driver of the vehicle heard and quickly stopped the compacter.

He was eventually assisted out of the compacter and questioned.

It’s reported that he stated he was from Honduras and had hid in the trash bin to rest.

He then quickly ran off and disappeared in an area along El Indio Highway.

Last year there was a similar incident that occurred in the downtown area of Eagle Pass.

Due to this incident, City Waste Collectors have been advised to be more careful and check trash bins before beginning to dispose of their contents into the trash compacter units

Inmate assaults jailer at Tom Bowles detention center

An inmate at the Tom Bowles Detention Center is reported to have assaulted a jailer on Wednesday, February 20, 2019.

Maverick County Sheriff Tom Schmerber reported that the inmate was identified as 22-year-old Julio Cesar Saucedo.

Saucedo was detained over the weekend for the stabbing of another male adult and has now assaulted a jailer who suffered a head injury during the incident as well.

Sheriff Schmerber states that the inmate assaulted the jailer by pushing him against a metal door thus causing the head injury. The jailer was transported to the Fort Duncan Regional Medical Centers Emergency Room for treatment.

Saucedo’s arrest stems from an Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon that occurred on Friday, February 15 in an area along the 500 block of Commercial Street.

Saucedo now faces additional charges of assaulting the jailer.

Press Release: Agents Resuscitate 12-Year-Old Honduran Boy

Border Patrol Rescues Child Attempting to Cross Rio Grande

Release Date:
February 19, 2019

EAGLE PASS, Texas – U.S. Border Patrol agents assigned to the Marine Unit in Eagle Pass saved the life of a 12-year-old Honduran boy after pulling him from the Rio Grande River. The boy was part of a group of three people who attempted to cross the river together, including his older brother.

“This incident highlights the dangers of attempting to enter the United States illegally,” said Del Rio Sector Acting Chief Patrol Agent Matthew J. Hudak. “If not for the training and quick response by our marine agents, this young boy would have lost his life.”

On Feb. 18, agents from the Eagle Pass South Station were conducting river operations when they noticed several individuals struggling to stay afloat in the Rio Grande River. The agents immediately navigated their service vessel to the individuals, where the 12-year-old boy had already lost consciousness and was underwater. Agents pulled the boy’s limp body onto the vessel and resuscitated him with CPR. The boy’s older brother was also pulled onto the vessel. The third person, a Nicaraguan male, swam to the U.S. side of the river on his own.

Agents transported them to dry land where emergency medical technicians and Border Patrol Search, Trauma, and Rescue (BORSTAR) agents were waiting. All three individuals were transported to Fort Duncan Regional Medical Center where they were evaluated by medical professionals and subsequently released. They were then transported to the Eagle Pass South Border Patrol Station for processing per CBP guidelines.

The Del Rio Border Patrol Sector is part of the Joint Task Force-West South Texas Corridor, which leverages federal, state and local resources to combat transnational criminal organizations. To report suspicious activity call the Del Rio Sector’s toll free number at 1-866-511-8727.

Border Patrol and Grupo Beta rescue undocumented migrants

Just minutes after 1:00 pm on Tuesday February 19, 2019 United States Border Patrol Agents and Personnel from Grupo BETA on the Mexican responded to the Rio Grande once again to rescue one of the largest groups of people who attempted to cross illegally into the United States.

The incident occurred just an hour or so after Mexican Officials closed down a shelter that had been housing over 1,800 undocumented migrants from Central America.

It’s unclear at this time if the group rescued from the River which included numerous children were part of the caravan that arrived over 2 weeks ago.

U.S. Border Patrol were able to apprehend and take all the individuals into custody. They will be transported to Del Rio and be kept in federal custody to wait for their deportation hearings.

Former Texas State Senator turns himself into authorities

Former Texas State Senator Carlos Uresti turned himself in, to authorities on Tuesday, February 19 as ordered by a federal judge last week.

Uresti was accompanied by his family, attorney’s and friends as he arrived at the U.S. District Court, Western District of Texas at approximately 1:00 pm to begin serving time behind bars after being convicted and sentenced for his role in a Ponzi Scheme.

Uresti was sentenced to 12 years in federal prison for his role in the Four Winds Ponzi Scheme back in January of last year and had not begun to serve his sentencing since then.

Just last week he was sentenced to another five years after pleading guilty to bribery in a separate case.

Both sentences will run at the same time and Uresti could possibly be eligible for parole in 2029.

“Well, time is just time and I’m here to turn myself in. I have the support of my family, my lawyers. I have the Good Book (Bible) with me and I’m going to make the best of this next journey. And when I get out I’m going to go back to do what I was doing before which is help as many people possible especially the children of Texas. I just ask for everybody’s prayers over the next several years,” stated Uresti.

Uresti then proceeded to walk into the Federal Court building where he turned himself in to begin serving his time in prison.

Over medication of elderly female reported

Tragically an 85-year-old Maverick County resident died from over medication of one of her prescribed medicines in our community last week.

The female individual is reported to have over medicated herself and sadly was declared deceased.

Medical Practitioners and Emergency Service Personnel often see problems of individuals who over-medicate themselves with prescribed medications.

This is an issue that occurs all over the country and leads to thousands of deaths.

Local Law Enforcement, Fire Department personnel, and Medical Practitioners do ask the community to be careful when taking any type of medicine.

“We ask you to take all the precautions when using any prescribed medicine including keeping a count of what you are taking or are supposed to take,” said an EMS technician.

Prescription medications are consumed by tens of millions of Americans each day and medication-related deaths are on the rise on a yearly basis.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that over 100,000 people die each year from prescription drugs in the United States.

Currently, Maverick County, The City of Eagle Pass, and The Maverick County Hospital District are adjoined to an Opioid lawsuit filed against 25 Pharmaceutical Companies.

Maverick County who was one of the first plaintiffs in the State to file suit back in 2017.

The lawsuit filed against the companies is seeking recovery of expenses absorbed by the entities due to issues such as addictions and any other effect that the Opioid epidemic has caused to our community and those

entities involved in the lawsuit.

The Opioid epidemic has hit our nation hard as its estimated that Americans consume 80 % of the world’s Opioid supply.

Studies show that approximately 83 % of the people who use heroin started off with Opioid prescriptions.

US Federal Government continues to reinforce; Mexican Government continues to mitigate migrant caravan

As the United States Federal Government continues their re-enforcement efforts in Maverick County, due to a caravan of over 1,800 people that arrived in Piedras Negras Coahuila, Mexican officials have decreased the number of migrants from 1,800 to approximately 852 in the past two weeks.

Information from officials in Piedras Negras states that since day one, a containment and dismantling strategy plan was put into place in order to assure the safety of the community and all parties involved.

The strategy has resulted in one part of the shelter and over 900 individuals who were traveling in the caravan have either been placed in other places where they wait for a work permit from Mexico, have been deported back to their country of origin due to non-qualification, voluntary deportation, or some have gone through some asylum process.

Piedras Negras Presidente Municpal Claudio Bres reported last week that he believes that the Shelter where these migrants have been housed and given assistance will be closed down within the next two weeks.

Authorities on both sides of the border have continuously emphasized that the main objective has been to guarantee everyone’s safety while providing humanitarian aid to the migrants.