Maverick County Judge
David Saucedo 2938
Rudy Bowles 2742

Maverick County Commissioner Pct. 2
Rosy Cantu 0752
Arianna Perez 0590

Maverick County JP Pct. 2
Dora Madera 0542
Rosanna “Roxi” Rios 0781

Maverick County JP Pct. 3 Place 2
David Castañeda 0612
Domingo Rodriguez Jr. 0832

Alleged UFO crashes near El Indio

In 1984, a mysterious document appeared allegedly disclosing that a UFO crashed near El Indio, Texas on December 6, 1950. This crash reportedly occurred along the Rio Grande River.

What occurred that day has been argued by skeptics and those who believe to what occurred in Maverick County back then.

Some experts including Kevin D. Randle a respected and prominent Ufologist is reported to have stated that the incident was the second most authentic cases of a Unidentified Flying Object crashing into the Earth next to the Roswell case.

The El Indio story gathered steam when an alleged document of the crash was given to television documentary producer Jaime Shandera. It was supposedly addressed to President Dwight Eisenhower from CIA Director Rear Admiral Roscoe Hillenkoetter mentioning both the Roswell UFO crash of 1947 and a “second” crash near El Indio-Guerrero in 1950.

Past investigations into the matter including Project Open Book from 1990 to 1994 along with OMNI’s Dennis Stacy found a man by the name Rosendo Flores who claimed to have witnessed the alleged UFO crash. The team was led to an area where the man stated a “ball of fire fell from the sky” that day. Reports show the area marked was El Rancho del Griegos. The team however did not find anything conclusive that could elaborate the story.

Another claim is that that on December 6, 1950 the United States military was reported to be in a national emergency . This supposedly occurred at precisely the same time as White House phone records show a dramatic increase in switchboard traffic. The FBI was briefed that the Army’s Counter Intelligence Corps had been placed on Immediate High Alert for any information related to flying saucers.

Another Air Force pilot Robert B. Willingham claimed that he had seen something fall close to the border as well.Investigators questioned inconsistencies with his stories.

As a reporter I understand that with every U.F.O story there will be believers and nay-sayers. We may never know if there was an actual U.F.O. crash in Maverick County. But what we can safely say is that we will forever be tied to the mystique that is one of the most famous alleged U.F.O.crash incidents in world history which is the Roswell, New Mexico U.F.O case.

City of Eagle Pass holds Proclamation Ceremony for Peace Officers

The City of Eagle Pass held its annual proclamation/ceremony honoring National Police Officers week on Monday May 14, 2018.

During the event,various police officers were recognized for their hard work, dedication keeping the peace in our beautiful city.

Eagle Pass Mayor Ramsey E. Cantu presented the Police Department with a proclamation honoring national police officers week

“We are thankful for your dedication to keeping us safe.” said Cantu

E. P. Police Chief Albert Guajardo welcome all in attendance including officers from the Texas Department of Public Safety, Texas Rangers office ,Eagle Pass Police Department officers, Maverick County Sheriff department, and U.S. Border Patrol from around the region to the event.

Guajardo acknowledged various peace officers for their dedication to the community. Among those officers was EPPD officer Rigoberto Covarrubias who Guajardo named Police Officer of the Year.

Guajardo elaborated on a incident where Officer Covarrubias was fired upon by an assailant at least 5 times. “ One of the worst feelings is thinking that one of your officers has gone down(shot) . He had caught up to the assailant and had cornered him and was fired upon along with other officers. Officer Covarrubias along with the other officers were able to end the standoff and detain the subject. Officer Covarrubias is our 2018 Police Officer of the Year for his outstanding service and putting himself in the line of fire.”

Chief Guajardo acknowledged various officers for their work with a presentation of plaques including Communications Dispatcher Marcos Maldonado,Senior Police Officer Humberto Garza Jr, Detective Hazel Diaz, Senior Officer Luis Mauricio, Senior Officer Henry Cardona (28 years), Detective Ricardo Sanchez , Senior Detective Hector Blanco, Detective Adolfo Garza, Officer Santiago Nava, K-9 Officer Ruben Velasquez, Lieutenant Aldo Escamilla, and Officer Juan Balderas.

Young man dies after being run over

An Eagle Pass man identified as 27 year old Jose Angel Soliz was pronounced deceased after he was tragically hit by an 18 wheeler vehicle.

The tragic accident occurred at approximately 9:45 pm in the Del Rio Boulevard , Siesta Acres sector of the community on Monday , May 14, 2018.

The Maverick County Sheriff’s Department announced that Solis was rushed to the Fort Duncan Regional Medical Centers emergency room with life threatening injuries. Unfortunately hours later Soliz succumbed to the severe injuries he suffered.

The Texas Department of Public Safety and Maverick County Sheriff’s Department are conducting an investigation to piece together what occurred before the tragic accident

Information from the law enforcement agencies indicate that Solis had attempted to steal beer from a Dollar General store in the area.It’s at that time he attempted to run out of the store and escape from the store clerk’s. Witness accounts state that as he ran across Del Rio boulevard towards the Siesta Acres area he was hit by the 18 wheeler truck.

The incident has been classified as an accident . The driver of the 18 wheeler will not be charged with any violations.

Funeral Proceedings for Child who passed away due to heat related injuries

The infant that passed away on Wednesday from heat related injuries will be at the Yeager Barrera Funeral Home starting at 5 pm to 9 pm. Funeral Proceedings will be taking place on Saturday May 19, with mass being held at Our Lady of Refuge church at 10:30 am and funeral proceedings to follow at the Catholic Cemetery.

Young child passes away after being trapped inside vehicle

The Eagle Pass 911 services received an emergency call at approximately 4:40 pm on Wednesday, May 16, 2018 regarding a young child trapped inside a vehicle at the Eagle Pass High school parking lot.

The Eagle Pass Fire and Police Department rushed to the scene. Upon arrival Police officials found a unresponsive young infant inside a vehicle.

A Police officer is reported to have began to try to revive the child, performing CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation).

Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT’s) arrived moments after and continued the rescue efforts on the child as she was transported to the Fort Duncan Regional Medical Centers Emergency Room.

Tragically the seven month old baby succumbed to heat related injuries and died.

Law Enforcement officials announced the child’s death almost two hours after she was rushed to the hospital in attempts to save her life.

The child is believed to have been left inside the vehicle for more than 6 hours. The parents are reported to both be employees of the Eagle Pass Independent School District.

James Jonas, ex-Crystal City City Manager sentenced to 35 years

Former Crystal City official James Jonas III appeared before Western District Court Honorable Magistrate Judge Alia Moses on Wednesday, May 16, 2018,to face sentencing on charges for Conspiracy To Commit Wire Fraud and Theft Of Honest Service.

After certain procedures and interaction between the court and Jonas, Judge Moses proceeded the sentencing phase of the trial.
Jonas was remanded to the custody of the Federal Corrections System for 420 consecutive months or 35 years imprisonment.

“Mr. Jonas you were granted a trial and defense and you were found guilty of what you have been accused off. The evidence was so overwhelming against you.” said Moses
Jonas has been found guilty for his role in the pay for play scheme as part of a corruption scheme sweep in Crystal City , Texas.

Jonas was City Manager and Attorney of Crystal City before he arrested as part of a federal criminal investigation alleging conspiracy to commit bribery,conspiracy to commit wire fraud, federal program bribery, wire fraud charges and theft of honest services as well.