Male subject arrested for shooting an individual in Quemado, Tx

The Maverick County Sheriff’s Department has reported the shooting of an undocumented immigrant in the Quemado, TX area. The incident occurred on Thursday, October 10 at approximately 7:38 PM when Maverick County Sheriff Deputies were dispatched to the 200 block of 3rd St. in Quemado, Texas in regard to a male subject with a gunshot wound.

Deputies working Operation Stone Garden along with Border Patrol Agents arrived to the location and observed a male subject with a rifle.

The Deputies and BP Agents attempted to make contact with the subject who became hostile and uncooperative.
They were able to detain the male subject after a brief scuffle.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the 32-year old male subject identified as Jorge Estrada shot a 27-year-old male undocumented immigrant in the stomach area at least once with a shotgun.

Eagle Pass Fire Department Emergency Medical Services personnel were summoned to the location where the victim was then transported to San Antonio by AIRLIFE for further medical attention.

The suspect was then transported
to the Fort Duncan Regional Medical Center for injuries he claimed and was then taken to the Tom Bowles
Detention Center pending investigation/charges.

Homeland Security Investigations is also assisting in the investigation for other possible charges.

Subject arrested on Sexual Abuse charges

A 19 -year-old subject identified as Malki Tanarje Williams( DOB 04/11/2000) was arrested in Maverick County by the United States Marshalls office in relation to a sexual abuse accusation out of Columbus Ohio.

The arrest stems from the alleged sexual abuse of a 13-year-old boy in Columbus, Ohio.

Williams was arrested by the U.S. marshals on Tuesday October 8 min Maverick County where he had been hiding.

Law Enforcement officials will now begin the extradition process to transfer Williams back to Ohio to face his criminal charges

34 Kilos of Methamphetamine seized at Eagle Pass Port of Entry

Maverick County Sheriff Tom Schmerber reported that 34 kilos of methamphetamine were seized at the Port of Entry on Thursday at 4:00 am.

Sheriff Schmerber stated that agents made contact with an individual identified as 43 year old Isidro Tovar from Grand Prairie Tx. as he attempted to cross into the U.S.

After he was sent for a secondary revision, agents were able to find the narcotics in liquid form in electrolyte bottles hidden inside a utility trailer.

The man was detained and now faces state jail felony charges

Motor Vehicle Accident reported during early morning hours

Another MVA was reported in the morning hours of Tuesday, October 1, 2019, involving three vehicles.

Maverick County Sheriff Tom Schmerber reported that deputies were summoned to the accident scene and found that two individuals were injured and required medical assistance.

The Eagle Pass Fire Department Emergency Medical Services (EMS) was called to the accident scene and arrived shortly.

EMS personnel triaged two female patients and proceeded to transport them to the Fort Duncan Regional Medical Centers Emergency room for further evaluation and treatment.

Eagle Pass Water Works searched by FBI as part of an investigation

Eagle Pass Water Works System General Manager Jorge Barrera held a press conference on Monday to report that the Federal Bureau of Investigation visited their offices on Thursday, September 19 as part of an ongoing investigation.

Barrera addressed the issue and stated that FBI Agents did In fact conduct an operation at the EPWWS offices .

“First and Foremost I want to make it clear that the Eagle Pass Water Works System has always conducted its business and activities in a very professional, cooperative, and transparent manner,” said Barrera.” Last week the Federal Bureau of investigation came to Waterworks with an investigation we cannot comment on, at this time on the investigation itself. EPWWS fully cooperated with the FBI, we gave them any information they were looking for and answered any questions that they had. They collected the information they needed and left,” said Barrera. “ We conducted our own review of our departments and processes to ensure that everything is clear and transparent and to ensure that everyone is adhering to our policies and standards. After speaking to the FBI we feel that there are no illegal actions taking place. Our employees should be clear from any wrong doing and so should the Eagle Pass Water Works. If we do see that something is being done not in accordance with our policies or is illegal we’re prepared to take immediate action and do the right thing.”

The cause of the FBI’s investigation into the EPWWS is unknown at this time and those questioned may not comment on the issue because it can somehow hinder the investigation process taking place.

Dept of Homeland Security incident leads to rollover and chase

A Human trafficking Incident in an area near Bracketville led to a rollover accident and high speed chase of another vehicle on Friday, September 20.

Del Río Sector Border Patrol reported that two individuals are in custody after two vehicles failed to yield to U.S. Border Patrol agents assigned to the Brackettville Station.

On Friday Border Patrol agents attempted to perform traffic stops on two vehicles on Ranch Road 674 near Brackettville. Both drivers failed to yield, leading agents on a pursuit.

The driver of the lead vehicle, a maroon Nissan sedan, lost control of the vehicle. Several occupants fled from the vehicle into the nearby brush. One individual was apprehended, required medical assistance and was transported to a local hospital with non life-threatening injuries. Border Patrol agents assisted the injured subject and began searching for the other occupants. The driver of the second vehicle, a silver Nissan sedan continued attempting to evade law enforcement by failing to stop their vehicle. Edwards County Sheriff’s deputies took over pursuit of the second vehicle. Kerr County Sheriff’s deputies utilized a controlled tire deflation device to stop the vehicle near Mountain Home, and were able to apprehend the driver. No further injuries have been reported.

Agents and deputies continue to search for the people who ran from the vehicles

Female injured in single vehicle rollover

Maverick County Sheriff Tom Schmerber reported that a 42-year-old female identified as Aide Araceli Medina was transported to a San Antonio, Tx hospital after she was involved in a single vehicle rollover accident on Wednesday evening.

Sheriff Schmerber states that deputies responded to a single motor vehicle accident (rollover) on U.S. Hwy 277 North where a 1996 White Ford Dumpster truck driven by Medina was traveling
Northbound and veered off the road.

Medina attempted to over correct
the wheel losing control.

EMS were summoned to location where Medina was then transported by AIR-EVAC to University Hospital in San Antonio in critical but stable condition.

DPS arrived to location and took over the investigation.