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Eagle Pass PD arrest 2 individuals for theft

The Eagle Pass Police Department arrested two individuals on charges of theft of over $2,500 but less than $30,000 from Mary’s Boutique located at 1475 E. Garrison St.

The crime is reported to have occurred at approximately 5:00 pm when the two subjects entered the place of business and grabbed numerous pieces of jewelry.

The subjects then ran out the business in attempts to avoid capture.

Elements of the Eagle Pass Police Department were summoned to the scene and a search began.

Two individuals were detained and are pending charges with the crime committed.

The two suspects were identified as 30-year-old Armando Narciso Ramirez and 21-year-old Alvaro Rodriguez

Migrant caravan members held in Piedras Negras shelter begin voluntary deportation

Mexican officials reported that at least 27 migrants who were part of the incoming caravan requested voluntary deportation back to their home country on Thursday, February, 7.

The individuals who requested their return were put into a bus and were transported to Iztapalapa in the State of Mexico.

At this point, Mexican officials continue facilitating assistance to those who are currently under their care and are seeking to continue with the asylum process, if they do qualify.

It’s expected that numerous individuals who left their country in search of asylum in the United States will not make it though due to non-qualification.

Mexico does have certain permits it may grant to some of this individuals so they can stay in that country up to a year.

The United States on an average month receive up to 4,660 people who are seeking asylum.

A majority of those individuals do not meet the requirements established by law and are deported back to their country of origin.

On the other side of the Rio Grande Rover U.S. Customs, Border Protection agents are currently processing 16 to 20 asylum claims per day at the Eagle Pass Port of Entries.

With over 1,700 people seeking asylum the interview/briefing process could take up to 5 1/2 months

Law Enforcement continue increased presence on the border

As the days pass U.S. law enforcement personnel continue to make their presence felt along the Eagle Pass/ Piedras Negras border in preparations for the worst but with hopes for the best.

On the other side of the border, Mexican officials continue doing what they can to contain a group of almost 2,000 migrants who are seeking asylum in the United States.

Up to now, there are close to 500 State Troopers who have been sent into the area to assist with any re-enforcement of the 80 miles of border between the Maverick County and Mexico. On Tuesday evening close to 300 U.S. Troops also arrived and have now made their way to our county to assist in the humanitarian /security crisis.

On Wednesday afternoon U.S. Customs Eagle Pass Port Director Paul del Rincon and Del Rio Sector Border Patrol Chief Agent Matthew J. Hudak, Texas Department of Public Safety Officials and Eagle Pass City Officials held a press conference to update the media and community over on-going efforts to fortify the border and assure the peace.

Del Rincon addressed the issue and stated that up to this point numerous U.S. agencies are working in conjunction to assure that what happened in California, where a caravan of migrants stormed the border does not happen here.

Del Rincon did state that his department is processing individuals but they can only hold 16 to 20 asylum claims/briefings per day and they take up to three hours. “We do ask for patience through this process.”

Hudak also spoke of the consequences for anyone trying to cross into the U.S. Illegally. “There is a right way to seek asylum. If someone was to enter illegally, that is criminal.”

Hudak was then asked about a video that surfaced showing Border Patrol Agents detaining a group of approximately 15 people including children who were believed to be part of the migrating caravan.

Hudak did confirm that Border Patrol Agents had detained 35 people the night before. And that some of those detainees had claimed they were part of the caravan in Piedras Negras, something that would be hard to confirm.

The video that shows the group of 15 people being detained next to the rivers edge surfaced on Monday evening.

First Responders receive an emergency call regarding attempted suicide

Eagle Pass Police Department and Eagle Pass Fire Department EMS personnel responded to an emergency call on Thursday, February 7 regarding an attempted suicide.

Eagle Pass Police Department police reports state that a 21-year-old female attempted to take her life by inflicting a knife wound to her neck area.

Eppd officials arrived at a home located in the 2600 block of Crown View Drive within city limits where it was reported that the female had locked herself in the restroom and was threatening to commit suicide.

Upon making contact with the individual, officers found that she had sustained a self-inflicted wound to the neck area.

EPFD EMS personnel quickly assisted the female, and she was then transported to the Fort Duncan Regional Medical Center emergency room for further treatment.

It is unknown to why the female took such actions to harm herself.

The incident has been reported to the Camino Real Mental Health Services Agency where they may assist this person with mental health treatment.

This is the second incident involving at least two individuals who have threatened/ attempted to commit suicide this week

Entities respond to male subject threatening to commit suicide in early morning hours

The Maverick County Sheriff’s Department, Texas Department of Public Safety and Eagle Pass Fire Department EMS services responded to an area on Coyunda St in the Loma Bonita sector of the community, at approximately 6:00 am regarding a male individual threatening to commit suicide.

Upon arrival at the scene, officials made contact with family members of an individual identified as Jaime Sierra who reported that the man had a 9mm pistol and was threatening to commit suicide

Officials proceeded to try to talk to the individual and convince him to turn himself over to authorities.

After an almost 3 hour stand-off the individual was convinced to turn himself over to authorities and was transported to the Tom Bowels Detention Center where he is being held for his own safety.

Maverick County Chief Deputy Roberto de Leon reported that at this time they are investigating the incident to see if any charges are to be brought against the individual.

The man will also be referred to the Camino Real Mental Health Services for evaluation.

Motor vehicle accidents a big issue in Eagle Pass

Motor Vehicle accidents on a monthly basis continue being a big problem for local law enforcement agencies and community drivers.

During the last Eagle Pass Police Department reporting period there were 123 Motor Vehicle Accidents reported from November 29 to December 26, 2018.

Car crashes within city limits have continued being the most responded to call by law enforcement and EMS services on a yearly basis in Eagle Pass.

During 2017, the Texas Department of Public Safety reported 716 motor vehicle accidents in Eagle Pass. During 2016 there were 705 motor vehicle accidents reported with 765 accidents reported in 2015.

Motor Vehicle accident totals for 2018 have not been disclosed by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

The majority of motor vehicle accidents are attributed to distracted driving.

This includes eating, handling navigation or music controls, phone calls and text messaging which have increased the number of accidents seen across the entire nation.

Eagle Pass Police Chief Albert Guajardo advises the community to be careful and most importantly follow all driving laws to assure your safety and that of others.

Guajardo states that distracted driving is one of the major reasons there is an increase in vehicle accidents which can easily be avoided by just concentrating on the road.

There are 50 Sex Offenders Registered in Maverick County

Information from the state shows that there are at least 50 Convicted Registered Sex Offenders residing in Maverick County. Those individuals are required to register into a database which shows their criminal status and movements in our state and community.

The Sexual Offenders Database shows that of those 50 registered Sex Offenders 24 of them currently are mapped residing within city limits with 26 living in the county including 1 in El Indio and 4 in the Quemado Tx. area.

A review of the offenses that these people (Sex Offenders) have been charged and found guilty of, includes 7 for Rape with 4 living within city limits and 3 in the county and 21 for Indecency With A Child By Contact with 8 living in the city limits and 13 in the county.

Another 9 offenders are registered for Sexual Assault on a Child with 5 living in the county and 4 within city limits.

3 of these offenders are registered for Indecency With A Child By Exposure with 2 living in the county and one in the city limits.

Other individuals registered include 1 for sexual offenses and kidnapping living in the county, 1 registered for Aggravated Sexual Assault of an Elderly/Disabled Person and living within city limits, 7 offenders registered for Aggravated Sexual Assault with 4 living in the county and the other 3 within city limits and one offender is registered for Possession of Child Pornography and living within city limits.

If you wish to view a full list with addresses of those persons cited in the State of Texas Sexual offenders list you can go to this link for more information.

It’s unknown if this data is updated if an individual moves from location and reports it to local authorities.