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Ex is reported for harassment of male subject

The Eagle Pass Police Department reported that a male Individual accused his ex-girlfriend of harassment.

Police department reports show that on Thursday, September 24, 2020, 11:30 PM: an officer spoke with a male complainant in regard to harassment.

The complainant informed the officer he has received unwanted texts messages and messages via social media platforms from his ex-girlfriend whom he identified to the officer.

The complainant further informed his ex-girlfriend has made false accusations and alleged she has even gained access to his apartment without his consent and taken items from within.

The complainant was able to provide photos of the unwanted messages and requested a formal police report be filed in order to pursue possible criminal charges.

Subject in critical condition after High Speed Chase on 277

© Infórmate, JGL – The US Border Patrol was involved in a high speed chase along US Hwy 277 towards Del Rio at approximately 5:15pm on September 25, 2020.

In which a subject crashed her vehicle during the pursuit. Unofficial reports state that the subject is in grave condition and officials are awaiting an emergency helicopter to airlift patient to an emergency medical facility in San Antonio, TX

An unidentified female subject was swerving in and out of traffic while being pursued by Border Patrol agents along US 277 when she crashed into a white pick up. The driver of the pick up was transported to Fort Duncan Regional Medical Center Emergency Room for treatment.

US Hwy 277 is currently blocked off by law enforcement agencies including Maverick County Sheriff’s Dept, Texas Department of Public Safety and Constables Pct 3AB.

Drivers are asked to stay away from the area if at all possible.

293rd District Court holds Grand Jury Selection via Zoom

© Jose G. Landa

© Infórmate, JGL – The 293rd District Court became the third court across the state of Texas to conduct a grand jury selection online.

For a few months now, Honorable District Judge Maribel Flores has been holding criminal and non-criminal conferences via Zoom video calls.

This week, they held their first ever Grand Jury selection over the Internet becoming the third court across the state to do so.

Nationwide, the Covid-19 virus has put many court cases on indefinite hold and
has caused unforeseen problems
forcing judges to hold hearings via video conference.

Last month, Judge Nicholas Chu of Austin presided over a Zoom jury trial in a Class C misdemeanor traffic ticket case, becoming the first court in the nation to test a fully virtual jury trial in a criminal case.

Maverick County Sherriff Dept investigating theft of residence

The Maverick County Sheriff’s Department reported that a resident on the 1400 block of Mirasol reported approximately $4,000 had been taken from her home without her consent.

The complainant further stated she believed a known male subject she had recently separated from may be the culprit.

The woman accused her ex took the money.

Maverick County Sheriff Tom Schmerber stated that this case is under investigation.

HEB has been evacuated, EPPD and EPFD on scene

© Infórmate, JGL – At approximately 12:35pm HEB on Main St was evacuated.

As per unofficial reports, police reported an unruly subject entered the HEB on Main St.

The subject proceeded to cause discord and yell at employees and patrons. He then proceeded to go into the back warehouse area and set off the fire suppressor (sprinkler) system.

The subject then went on to lock himself in a warehouse restroom and held police at bay. Fire units arrived to turn off the sprinkler system and assisted in coaxing the gentleman out of the restroom.

He was subdued by police and taken into custody.

As of 1pm on Sept 25, HEB reopened for business.

Tom Bowles Detention Center reports 3 jailers test positive

Maverick County Sheriff Tom Schmerber is reporting that apart for 7 inmates testing positive for Covid 19, three Jailers have also tested positive.

That now takes the number of cases within the Tom Bowles Detention Center to 10 Positive Covid 19 cases.

Sheriff Schmerber has stated that they are currently waiting for results on 5 other employees within the department.

Schmerber asks the entire to community to be careful as the pandemic is an ongoing threat.

Seven inmates test positive for COVID-19

Maverick County Sheriff Tom Schmerber reported that 7 inmates have tested positive for the Covid-19 Virus.

Sheriff Schmerber stated that the seven inmates were in a 14-day isolation period when they were detected to be positive for the Covid-19 virus.

Schmerber added that the inmates being introduced into the Tom Bowles Detention Center are put through a 14-day isolation period before they’re fully introduced to the detention center.

KLEC set to open October 1, 2020

The Kickapoo Traditional Tribe of Texas announced today that it will reopen the Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino Hotel (KLECH) on October 1, 2020, at 25 % capacity.

Amidst the global pandemic resulting from the COVID-19 virus KLECH closed its doors on March 19, 2020, in an effort to limit the spread of COVID-19 in the community.

During the closure period, KLECH has been working diligently to prepare for the reopening of
the property by implementing a comprehensive safety plan that includes cleaning and sanitizing
protocols and encourages social distancing in the effort to protect guests, team members and the local community from COVID-19.

The precautionary safety measures that will be implemented upon reopening include but are not limited to the following: All guests and team members must wear a face mask. All guests and team members will be screened at property entrances via a noninvasive
thermal camera system that detects elevated body temperatures.

The entire property will reopen as a non-smoking facility.

KLECH will increase cleaning protocols, which include regular disinfecting of frequent contact surfaces and objects such as elevator buttons, hotel check-in counters, door handles and slot machines. KLECH has placed hand-sanitizing stations and wipes throughout the property, including
all entrances.

KLECH has placed plexiglass barriers in guest transaction areas as well.

To comply with social distancing recommendations, KLECH has reduced seating capacity in all dining venues and removed chairs from Class Il gaming machines to increase the distance between players.

The hotel has increased room cleaning protocols using hospital-grade disinfectants. The hotel will make touchless mobile room keys available via cell phone. The entire casino floor will be deep cleaned routinely during the early morning hours of the day, where guest headcounts are the lowest.

“The health and wellness of both guests and team members will remain our top priority as we reopen the doors of our casino.” said Chris McClain, General Manager of KLECH. “We have been preparing to safely reopen for quite some time and have implemented property-wide COVID-19 protocols that are designed to keep our valued team members and guests safe and comfortable when they return on October 1, 2020.”

Casino and hotel management will continue to closely monitor federal, state and local health announcements and update safety protocols accordingly.

Sheriff Deputies diffuse man with a knife situation

Maverick County Sheriff deputies were caught in a stressful situation on Saturday when they responded to an unwanted subject emergency call.

Sheriff department units responded to the 800 block of Mikulinski Road in the early morning hours of Saturday, September 19 after receiving reports of unwanted male subject at the location. Deputies arrived at the scene and observed a male subject who appeared to be in distress carrying a large kitchen knife in his left hand.

Contact was made with the subject, later identified as forty-eight-year-old Josue Rocha, who refused to leave his knife despite several requests. At that point, Rocha told deputies he had planned to hurt himself prior to running towards the backyard of the residence. Sheriff deputies then followed the subject and deployed pepper spray in an attempt to defuse the situation.

Mr. Rocha continued on foot towards the canal area before ultimately stopping and complying to deputy commands. EMS crews were then summoned to the scene to perform a medical evaluation on the subject, who was later placed under arrest after a check revealed several active warrants out of Maverick County.

Kinney County at Wits End with Undocumented Smugglers

Human smuggling continues to be a huge problem in the Kinney County area which has seen an influx of activity since late last year.

Last week their Sheriff’s Department was involved in a high speed pursuit, rollover accident involving the transport of undocumented immigrants.

The Kinney County Sheriff Department which is run by Sheriff Brad Coe touched the subject through Departments FB Page.

“I have said on numerous occasions that one day the influx of undocumented immigrant traffic through Kinney County will tie up emergency services (EMS, Fire, Law Enforcement) when they are needed by those who live in Kinney County. That day has come,” wrote Coe. “A few nights ago a pursuit occurred in Kinney County with a vehicle that was transporting undocumented immigrants. In an attempt to get away, the driver lost control of the vehicle, resulting in a rollover accident. One of the aliens in the vehicle suffered a head laceration and Kinney County EMS responded to the scene, which was south of Spofford.”

During the incident, EMS services received another emergency call that they could not get to on time.

According to Information provided by the Sheriff’s Department their EMS services only has one team working per shift. This became a sad and tragic problem that ended with the death of a community resident who needed medical assistance but EMS was tied up responding to the undocumented immigrants emergency.

A second EMS crew was eventually called in and dispatched to the second emergency.

“Kinney County only has one EMS crew on at any given time, so assembling a second crew takes time. Time that the local resident did not have. The second EMS crew arrived at the residence as quickly as possible and transported the Kinney County resident to the nearest hospital. By the time they arrived at the emergency room, it was too late,” wrote the Sheriff Coe. “This is only one example of how the influx of smuggling has impacted Kinney County emergency resources. Had the primary EMS crew not had to respond to an incident caused by alien smuggler’s total disregard of law enforcement and only wanting to avoid arrest, the primary EMS crew might have helped the local resident. Our residents pay taxes to support local emergency services for their protection and assistance. Human smuggling events, such as the one a few nights ago, jeopardizes the safety of those who pay for these services. Had the driver of the vehicle just pulled over and accepted the fact they were caught, EMS could have responded to the local resident much sooner.”

“When does it end? What’s the solution? The number of alien smuggling case through Kinney County has not slowed. Yesterday four smuggling events were caught on Ranch Road 674. Since September 1st the Kinney County Sheriff’s Office has initiated seizure paperwork on 18 vehicles, all of which were involved in alien smuggling.”