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Election Day polling sites announced as Early Voting continues

Early voting in the Texas Primary Election continues until March 1st.

Eligible voters are urged to come out and exercise your freedom to vote.

If you cannot make it to the polls during the early voting portion of the election, the Maverick County Elections’ office has announced its March 3rd voting schedule & Locations.

Voting on election day will be taking place from 7:00 am to 7:00 PM at the following locations.


Precinct 1A:
Colegio Biblico
264 N. Brazos S.

Precinct 1-B:
Fire Station #2
2420 Second St.

Precinct 1-C:
Memorial Jr. High (Gym)
1800 Lewis St.

Precinct 2-A:
Benavides Highs Elementary
1750 A. Mesa Drive

Precinct 2-B:
San Luis Elementary
2090 A Williams St.

Precinct 2-C:
Rosita Valley Elementary
735 Rosita Valley Rd.

Precinct 2-D:
El Indio Community Center
115 West Texas

Precinct 3-A:
Glass Elementary
1501 Boehmer Ave.

Precinct 3-B:
Seco Mines Elementary
2900 Diaz St.

Precinct 3-C:
Quemado Community Center
20160 US Hwy 277

Precinct 4-A:
Maverick County Courthouse
500 Quarry St.

Precincts 4-B & 4-C:
St. Joseph’s Parish Hall
800 Comal St.

Precinct 4-D:
Henry B. Gonzalez
400 Balcones Blvd.

State Representative and State Senate candidate Roland Gutierrez berates Maverick County Candidates and voters

On the early afternoon of Tuesday, 2/25/2020, State Representative and State Senate candidate Roland Gutierrez, according to witnesses insulted candidates at the polls and included some voters who were present stating, “Esta gente no vale madre.” Which translates into, “these people (in Maverick County) aren’t worth a damn.”

Some persons at the scene who witnessed the insult stated that he added, “How can anybody support a corrupt candidate just like her father.” He was referring to his strong opponent Xochil Pena Rodriguez. While this is a commonly heard insult in Maverick County during elections, this pejorative is a first to be uttered by a State Candidate to local candidates and voters.

The witnesses stated that after the incident the State Representative stormed away in anger.

Maverick County has over 4,500 votes and has one of the highest Democratic turnouts outside of Bexar County in all of Senate District 19.

Uvalde County is searching for an at large subject who shot at deputy for capital murder

The Uvalde County Sheriff’s Department is actively searching for a subject who over the weekend escaped from being detained after he shot at a Sheriff deputy, multiple times.

Information out of Uvalde states that the incident occurred on February 22, 2020, at approximately 9:28pm, when an Uvalde County Sheriff’s Deputy conducted a traffic stop near the intersection of US Hwy 83 North and FM 1050 in Uvalde County.

During the course of the traffic stop, the driver and sole occupant of the vehicle sped away from the stop and was pursued by the Deputy into Real County. The Deputy was assisted on the pursuit by Garner State Park Police.

At approximately 9:52 pm, the vehicle crashed into a tree on private property off FM 1120 in Real County.

The driver initially fled on foot from the vehicle before opening fire on the deputy, striking his patrol vehicle multiple times. The Deputy returned fire at the suspect who fled into a nearby wooded area.

Multiple Agencies responded to the location to assist including Real County Sheriff’s Office, Texas Game Wardens, Texas Highway Patrol, Border Patrol Agents and BORTAC, Real County Constable, and the Texas Rangers.

The suspect remains at large. Investigation ongoing.

Since then law enforcement officials have chosen to release the name of the suspect they are looking for.

The suspect has been identified as Dustin Whitlock of Rio Frio (Real County) has an active felony warrant for the attempted capital murder of a Uvalde County Sheriff’s Deputy.

Whitlock is a registered sex offender and is considered armed and dangerous.

Whitlock was last seen at the stop location off FM 1120, approximately one half mile East of US Hwy 83 in Leakey. Area residents are encouraged to be vigilant and contact law enforcement with any reports of suspicious activity.

Everyone stay safe and God bless our law enforcement actively searching for the suspect.

Uvalde Communications Dispatch-(830) 278-9147
Real County Sheriff’s Office-(830) 232-5201.

Continued large turn out for Texas Primary Elections

The third day of early voting in the Texas Primary Election ended with 553 votes cast, a slight decrease from the previous day.

There has been 2,050 votes cast in three days of early voting, something not seen in a very long time.

The first day of voting had 822 people come out to vote while the 2nd day recorded 675.

Candidates are hopeful that the voter momentum will continue throughout the early voting period and into election day which will be on March 3rd.

Ex-City Council member from Musquiz, Coahuila arrested for money laundering

A former mayoral candidate in Muzquiz Coahuila was arrested last week with $60,000 in cash in Williamson county.

The ex- council member and former Mayoral candidate in Múzquiz, Coahuila, for the Citizen Movement party, Indalecio Guadalupe Quintero was arrested on Interstate 35 near the town of Round Rock, Texas. Reports out of Williamson County state that Sheriff department detectives seized $60,000 during a traffic stop on Interstate 35 in Georgetown.

The reports show that a male subject identified as 50 year old Indalicio Guadalupe Quintero with an address in Eagle Pass, was arrested after the money was found hidden inside the vehicle he was driving. The money was seized after a deputy performed a traffic violation stop. It’s stated that during the traffic stop, Quintero told law enforcement officials he and his wife had driven up to Fort Worth to sell two puppies and get some mechanical work on the truck and were returning to Eagle Pass Tx.

Quintero gave consent for officers to search the truck he was driving and the money was found in a nylon gym bag on the truck’s right floorboard. A total of $60,020 were seized. Quintero acknowledged that he knew the money was in his vehicle but his wife did not know. He is now facing charges for money laundering, a third-degree felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

Mr. Quintero was released from the Williamson County Jail after posting a $40,000 bond.

Total of 1,497 votes have been cast during two days of early voting.

Voting started on Tuesday, February 18 in which 822 voters took to the polls.

During the second day there were approximately 675 votes cast.

This is more than 2018 Early Voting total for the first two days which was 1,375.

Voting will continue through February 28.

You are urged to go and exercise your freedom to vote during this important Primary Election.

Three nabbed after attempting to avoid detention in the deer run Sector of community

Law Enforcement Agents from different agencies nabbed several individuals in the Deer Run Subdivision area of the community after a white truck was spotted loading up, on what’s believed to be undocumented immigrants.

The incident occurred at around 5:25 pm on Tuesday, February 18 when the truck was spotted loading up in an area near Deer Run Subdivision.

Agents began a search of the vehicle and tracked it down in the vicinity of Cross Creek Dr. near Pete Gallego Elementary.

The occupants bailed out from the truck and attempted to avoid detention.

They were captured, shortly thereafter.

A City of Eagle Pass Ambulance was called to the scene to check up on one of the subjects.

Two subjects were taken into custody by the United States Border Patrol while another was transported to the Fort Duncan Regional Medical Centers Emergency Room for treatment and evaluation.