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EPISD sets plan for opening schools back up

© Infórmate, JGL – Eagle Pass Independent School District Superintendent Samuel Mijares presented the community with a structured plan to begin transitioning to in person instruction.

During a press briefing held at the Emergency Operation Center, Mijares clarified certain questions and concerns.

“The schedule that I’m about to give out right now in no way requires parents to send their kids to school. It is still not a requirement. Families have the option to remain in remote instruction if they feel it’s the safest option for their family situation, “said Mijares.

Mijares presented a school schedule which will begin a transition process for in person attendance as required by the Texas Education Agency.

“Right now we’re still preparing for the students that will be coming in. Starting on October 12 – 16 all Schools will accept any student for in person instruction to a 30 percent capacity. October 19 through the 23rd all schools will accept students
for in person up to 60%. Beginning on October 26 all schools will accept any student for in person instruction, “said Mijares.

Superintendent Samuel Mijares also made note that due to certain classifications set forth by Governor Greg Abbott, the Texas Education Agency will not be granting another waiver to extend remote learning.

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