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Kinney County at Wits End with Undocumented Smugglers

Human smuggling continues to be a huge problem in the Kinney County area which has seen an influx of activity since late last year.

Last week their Sheriff’s Department was involved in a high speed pursuit, rollover accident involving the transport of undocumented immigrants.

The Kinney County Sheriff Department which is run by Sheriff Brad Coe touched the subject through Departments FB Page.

“I have said on numerous occasions that one day the influx of undocumented immigrant traffic through Kinney County will tie up emergency services (EMS, Fire, Law Enforcement) when they are needed by those who live in Kinney County. That day has come,” wrote Coe. “A few nights ago a pursuit occurred in Kinney County with a vehicle that was transporting undocumented immigrants. In an attempt to get away, the driver lost control of the vehicle, resulting in a rollover accident. One of the aliens in the vehicle suffered a head laceration and Kinney County EMS responded to the scene, which was south of Spofford.”

During the incident, EMS services received another emergency call that they could not get to on time.

According to Information provided by the Sheriff’s Department their EMS services only has one team working per shift. This became a sad and tragic problem that ended with the death of a community resident who needed medical assistance but EMS was tied up responding to the undocumented immigrants emergency.

A second EMS crew was eventually called in and dispatched to the second emergency.

“Kinney County only has one EMS crew on at any given time, so assembling a second crew takes time. Time that the local resident did not have. The second EMS crew arrived at the residence as quickly as possible and transported the Kinney County resident to the nearest hospital. By the time they arrived at the emergency room, it was too late,” wrote the Sheriff Coe. “This is only one example of how the influx of smuggling has impacted Kinney County emergency resources. Had the primary EMS crew not had to respond to an incident caused by alien smuggler’s total disregard of law enforcement and only wanting to avoid arrest, the primary EMS crew might have helped the local resident. Our residents pay taxes to support local emergency services for their protection and assistance. Human smuggling events, such as the one a few nights ago, jeopardizes the safety of those who pay for these services. Had the driver of the vehicle just pulled over and accepted the fact they were caught, EMS could have responded to the local resident much sooner.”

“When does it end? What’s the solution? The number of alien smuggling case through Kinney County has not slowed. Yesterday four smuggling events were caught on Ranch Road 674. Since September 1st the Kinney County Sheriff’s Office has initiated seizure paperwork on 18 vehicles, all of which were involved in alien smuggling.”

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