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Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino reorganizing and prepared for when they open

The Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino closed its doors back on March 19 due to the outbreak of Covid-19, and have remained closed since, except for curbside food sales from their restaurants.

During that time, they have worked diligently to ensure that they can provide a safe gaming and entertainment experience for their guests the day they re-open.

Up to now, an opening date has not been set, but 6 months into the Covid-19 Pandemic, they remain closed for one simple but very important reason, the welfare of their team members, community, and visitors to the main tourist destination along the U.S./ Mexico Border.

The Kickapoo Traditional Tribe of Texas is enriched in culture, family values and treats every one of their team members and customers as such, family. That has been an important factor in their decision to remain closed.

Since day one of closure on March 19, they have been committed to ensuring that everyone in the Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino family has been taken care of by providing salaries and health coverage even while the doors of one of the largest employers in our region have been closed.

Due to the ever-changing Covid 19 situation, they have had to re-adjust and look at the economics during this unprecedented time.

Unfortunately, that included the laying off 260 employees on August 31, as there was no reopening date known. Some of those team members were in positions that due to Covid-19 restrictions, are not going to be viable until the risks of close contact are no longer an imminent threat.

Director of Marketing Jeffery Pletcher states that the decision to do so has been one of the hardest decisions KLEC has ever had to make.

“That decision has been hard on the KLEC, administration and Board. It was held off for close to 6 months and our team members were taken care of throughout that period,” said Pletcher. “ Many of those individuals are going to have the opportunity to be rehired in other positions that are going to be needed for us to reopen, whenever that may be.”

“We have been working closely with state officials to ensure that all measures are set in place for the reopening day, which will include temperature checks for all guests and team members as they enter the property, taken with noninvasive thermal cameras. We will also have plexiglass barriers at locations with frequent guest-team member interaction areas,” stated Pletcher. “ This is in addition to numerous hand sanitizing and hand wipe stations throughout the building. All the protocols will be in place, so we can ensure everyone’s well-being.”

“We have and continue monitoring the situation and are cognizant that in the past two months, July and August, the state of Texas and Maverick County have had the largest number of positive cases since the pandemic began. This has ultimately been taken into consideration in our decision to remain closed to the public until it’s safe for all of us,”added Pletcher.

Mr. Pletcher also stated that they continue monitoring the number of Covid-19 cases in Texas and in the cities where the majority of their guests live. At a press conference on September 17, Governor Abbott announced a further loosening of restrictions within the state.

“ All of that is being considered and will be a determining factor as to when we reopen. We consider our team members and guests as part of our family, and we look forward to the day we all can once again experience the joy we bring to one another, together in a safe and healthy manner,” concluded Pletcher.

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