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Subject attempts escape from police

The Eagle Pass Police Department arrested a male subject on Wednesday, August 26 on Escape from Custody Charges after he attempted to escape from inside a police unit.

Police report information details that a patrolling officers responded to an apartment complex located in the 2100 block of N. Veterans Blvd at approximately 4:15 pm regarding a burglary of a habitation complaint.

Upon arriving at the scene, an officer was able to make contact with the complainant and they intercepted a male subject who was questioned.

The subject was then placed in the back of a police unit while details were being ironed out.

At some point in time, an unknown individual approached the police unit and opened the vehicle’s back door to help the subject escape.

The subject identified as 34-year-old Victor Jesus Chavez (DOB 06/13/1986) ran off in attempt to escape from police officials.

Minutes later, Police Officials were able to apprehend the subject who was then transported to the Eagle Pass Police Department where he will now face Escape from Custody Charges.

There is no further information on the Burglary of a Habitation complaint. The subject was only being questioned at the time of his attempted escape.

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