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EOC sees increase in reports of large gatherings

The Emergency Operations Center continues it’s work to slow the spread and mitigate potential COVID outbreak events.

While not new, a large amount of tips are called in to the EOC, Police and Fire Department as well as to 911.

We have seen these calls increase as strict enforcement ramps up due to Maverick County seeing a drop in new cases. This is a two pronged attack at the COVID pandemic one by assistance from citizens and cooperation into use of masks and Social Distancing. The other as an increase by the EOC in verifying and dealing with potential hotspots and COVID infractions.

One such report, for example, when at approximately 7:50 pm on Wednesday, August 26, 2020 an anonymous caller left a report of a possible large gathering. This report was at 1245 Eidson Rd. The caller stated that there was a large gathering at a church, The Vida Nueva Worship Center. It is still unclear as to the reason behind this call and how many people were at the center.

The EOC responds to calls from large groups at Restaurants and even at the Golfing Center. People are advised to not congregate in groups, while the advisory is less 10, use a simple rule of thumb. If you cannot have a minimum of 6 feet between people in a small space, you should not be there.

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