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Murder victim has been identified

The Texas Rangers Division and Maverick County Sheriff’s Department are investigating the murder of a male victim identified as 27-year-old Federico Aguilar Garcia originally from the Corpus Christi Texas Robstown area.

According to Information derived from 911 emergency call records, personnel from the Eagle Pass Fire Department and Sheriff Deputies were summoned to an area in the 2700 block of Eidson Rd and Casales St. regarding a hurt Individual at approximately 5:10 am on Sunday morning.

Upon arriving at the scene, Emergency Medical Service Personnel and Sheriff Deputies found an unresponsive male Individual lieing on the side of the road and bleeding profusely.

Officials quickly jumped in to try to save the man’s life by performing Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

Unfortunately, the Individual passed away from what officials described as “several gunshots to the back area”.

The crime scene area was secured and an investigation was launched.

Texas Ranger Joe Sanchez and Maverick County Sheriff Department Investigations Division proceeded to collect evidence from the scene and interviewed Individuals from the surrounding area.

An investigation is ongoing at this time.

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