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One United Team Looking to Save Lives

The midnight hour strikes on the clock while an emergency call from the 911 dispatch center comes in for personnel of the Eagle Pass Fire Department.

“Response to Code Radar,” calls out the 911 Dispatcher.

Code Radar is a term that is used by all law enforcement, and fire department personnel and medical care professionals to identify Individuals with Covid-19 and others presenting symptoms as well.

On a daily basis, emergency response personnel can receive multiple calls regarding Individuals in need of medical care related to Covid-19 symptoms and complications.

This is our new reality, a reality that in our community has had 2,773 people test positive for Covid-19 and 66 deaths.

For EMS, law enforcement officials, EOC Taskforce, and emergency room personnel those many Covid-19 cases not only puts a heavy strain on their work load but a realization that at any time they could possibly be faced with multiple life and death situations all at eleven. Add a concern of possible infection and an alarming reality hits hard.

“That weighs heavy on all of us. We are here to keep our community safe, from EMS, Law Enforcement, Medical Care Personnel, Emergency Operation Center Personnel, and others that are on the frontline it’s hard seeing so many cases and deaths, ”said a medical care professional. “It’s heart breaking seeing that families are seeing mostly their elders pass away from Covid-19. Because, often they were infected by someone younger who was either Asymptomatic or did not get hit as hard. People need to follow all the guidelines, wear a mask, wash your hands, and social distancing is important as well. “

The Covid-19 Virus Pandemic has been ongoing for the last 150 days across the community, often putting a strain on emergency response units from EMS services to law enforcement officials as well.

On a daily basis, personnel from the Eagle Pass Fire Department Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and other agencies are summoned to assist community residents with all sorts of medical conditions including complications and symptoms related to Covid-19.

This is a reality that everyone involved in civil service are faced with as community cases continue to rise.

As of Friday, August 14 there were a total of 2,773 positive cases of which many of those individuals are quarantined at home.

Of those, it’s truly unknown how many are battling through hard hitting symptoms that will require medical assistance from our care professionals who are ready at any moment to respond to “Code Radar.”

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