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School district held hostage must hold in person classes

The Eagle Pass Independent School District like so many other Districts across the State have been given notice by the State that they will have to hold in person classes or else risk losing millions in funding.

Eagle Pass Superintendent Samuel Mijares announced that the Texas Education Agency has notified them that they must abide by the mandate or lose part of the close to $111 million dollars they receive in funding from the State.

Mijares stated that they are looking at every option to assure everyone’s safety and must abide by state orders.

At the end if the day, parents will have to decide if they send their children to school amid the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Two weeks ago the EPISD like many Districts announced that classes were to be held online.

Yesterday, the Texas Education Agency announced that districts that will close solely due to Local Health Authority orders won’t be funded completely, this in response to an order by Attorney General Ken Paxton.

Locally, the Eagle Pass Independent School District has delayed the start of the school year by approximately two weeks and has also announced that classes will be conducted through remote instruction.

Not receiving all funding from the State would be devastating to the District who receives close to $111,000,000 or about 80 percent of their entire budget from these organizations who are now attempting to hold the education assistance hostage.

The District has been given no choice but to open up classes and hope that an infestation of Covid-19 cases does not put lives at risk.

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