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Mother and Child Injured in Mobile Home Fire

A mother and her young child were injured in a house fire that occurred in the Eagle Heights Subdivision of our community.

The Eagle Pass Fire Department and Maverick County Sheriff’s Department responded to an emergency call regarding a house on fire in the 3200 block of La Palma St. on Saturday, July 25.

Upon arriving at the scene, they encountered a mobile home that was fully engulfed in flames.

A family of four including a 22-year-old female, her two children, and stepfather had been inside the trailer when the blaze broke out.

Luckily, family members were able to rescue the mother and her kids.

The area was quickly quartened off by law enforcement officials while EPFD proceeded to work on putting out the fire.

EPFD EMS personnel began to assist the family of four including a 22-year-old female her two children and stepfather.

The mother and her 18-month-old child were transported to the Fort Duncan Regional Medical Centers Emergency Room for further treatment and evaluation.

They would eventually be taken to a San Antonio Hospital for treatment of the injuries sustained in the tragic fire.

Reports state that the Female suffered from smoke inhalation and possible internal injuries.

The young child sustained 2nd degree burns to approximately 50 percent of his body including the back, and lower extremities.

The cause of the fire upon initial Investigations is being determined, caused by an electrical shortage.

Eagle Pass Fire Chief Manuel Mello states that the mobile home sustained total damages.

The family of the victims has set up a GoFundMe account for any type of assistance.


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