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County Judge David Saucedo declares there will be no in person schooling

A question that has been asked by thousands of families is in regard to the re-opening of schools in the month of August.

While Federal and State officials Including President Donald J Trump and Texas Governor Greg Abbott have called for the re-opening of schools, local officials have other concerns and thoughts on mind.

Maverick County Judge David Saucedo addressed the issue at a press briefing on Thursday evening in which he answered the very concerning question.

“We are working with the Superintendent of Schools and our School Board, and we don’t anticipate and see, Local Health Authority Dr Victoriano Valdez, the Mayor and myself we’re not going to start school this year when we are supposed to. That is an order that will be given by us if it’s not given by the Governor himself. But, we’re working in conjunction with the Superintendent and the school board to make sure that our students, our children get the education that they deserve. And to find a safe way to have our educators be able to teach and help our students,” stated Saucedo.

Judge Saucedo emphasized the importance of working on finding solutions to such problems but not jeopardize anyone’s well-being.

“If we’re looking at kids in the classrooms? No, we’re not. We are looking at online instruction,” concluded Judge Saucedo.

Maverick County Judge David Saucedo, Eagle Pass Mayor Luis Sifuentes and Local Health Authority Dr. Victoriano Valdez have the legal jurisdiction to structure an order to stop in person attendance to safeguard the well-being of all community members. This authority is given to the LHA under a Disaster Declaration which is already in place.

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