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State Senator Pete Flores responds to George Floyd murder

The senseless murder of George Floyd, a Black American in Minneapolis has caused turmoil across the Nation.

What has come afterwards, has left many looking for answers between right and wrong and the consequences that have led to peaceful protests, riots, looting and clashes between civilians and Police Departments across the Nation.

Texas Senator for District 19 which includes Maverick County, Pete P. Flores addressed the tragic occurrences and issued the following statement:
“I stand with my fellow Americans when I say what happened to George Floyd was wrong. Our system of justice will prevail and hold those guilty of wrongdoing responsible,” stated Senator Flores.

“The rights we all have for peaceful protest is protected and promoted in this country under the First Amendment. I strongly support people acting lawfully to express themselves and I will continue to work hard to uphold our Constitution.”

Senator Flores also shunned the violent aggressive acts by rioters, looters who have destroyed businesses, properties during this difficult time.

“I strongly condemn those who unlawfully riot and attack innocent people, destroy businesses and hurt our communities. They are to be held criminally responsible for their actions. The rule of law applies to us all. I thank all of our first responders and Law Enforcement Officers for their continued service and dedication to serve each of us,” concluded Senator Flores.

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