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Maverick County has had its second death from COVID-19

On Thursday evening, Eagle Pass Mayor Luis Sifuentes and Maverick County Judge David Saucedo held an Information briefing in which they announced that a second Individual who had been hospitalized in San Antonio had succumbed to the COVID-19 Virus and its complications.

This is the second death in our community from the COVID-19 Virus.

Back on Monday, May 18, public officials reported the first fatality from COVID-19 in our community.

At that time the number of positive cases for COVID-19 was at 89 with 1,375 tests conducted.

Since then there has been an increase of 44 positive cases going up to 133.

During that same time Maverick County has conducted over 1,329 more tests, and we’re currently at 2,704 tests conducted.

This does not include over 400 tests conducted by the Texas National Guard as part of Governor Greg Abbott’s plans to test all adult care and Rehabilitation Centers across the state.

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