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Bridge Crossings increase from April to May

Eagle Pass Bridge System Manager Homero Balderas announced that bridge crossings into Mexico have increased in the past month as compared to April.

During a city council meeting, Balderas presented details on how the bridge system was doing after the federal government basically shut down travel into the U.S. for all non-essential travelers.

“We have seen an increase in traffic from the month of April to the month of May by about 28.7%. That is good news, seeing the numbers increase in total traffic. We did see an increase in non-commercial vehicles of about 25.9% or approximately 24,500 more vehicles crossing into Mexico,” said Balderas. “ We’re still at about 50% as compared to last year. We’re steadily increasing our numbers. I’m not sure how much of a good thing that is with the pandemic ongoing. But as far as the bridge system it is a positive in seeing that increase.”

The City Council and Balderas discussed the slight decrease in commercial vehicles due to closures of many businesses.

Balderas added that they are continuously reviewing the situation and will continue reporting on changes at the bridge system.

The City of Eagle Pass relies on approximately half of their budget from bridge crossing revenues. At this point the City finance team is working on amending their budget due to the fall in revenues stemming from restrictions set in place by the federal government on non-essential travel into the United States.

Recently, Eagle Pass Mayor Luis Sifuentes announced that the majority of the vehicles crossing into Mexico from the U.S. side are going for non-essential travel.

Mayor Sifuentes added that EP Port of Entry Director Paul Del Rincon had stated that Customs was conducting a survey of people coming back into the Country who stated they were traveling to just visit family.

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