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Murder suspect out on bond

Maverick County Sheriff Tom Schmerber reported that 21 year old Luis Perez Jr. who is accused of murdering 19 year old Brian Davila on May 23 was granted bond on May 30th.

Sheriff Schmerber added that Perez had originally been held without bond and a municipal Court Judge ended up structuring a $1,000,000 bond which was then decreased to $150,000.

Perez did make bond and was released from custody on May 30.

The tragic murder occurred on May 23 when an altercation occurred at the intersection of El Indio Highway and Mathiwos Dr. at approximately 5:00 pm.

During the altercation it’s alleged that Perez shot Davila at least once impacting him in the head area.

Perez, fled the scene, leaving the victim fighting for his life.

Tragically, Davila passed away an hour later at the Fort Duncan Regional Medical Centers Emergency Room.

Law Enforcement Officials were able to track down Perez at his residence.

Perez who had injuries was also transported to the hospital emergency room due to what’s described as stab wounds believed to possibly have been sustained during an altercation with Davila.

The Eagle Pass Police Department Detectives Division is currently investigating the murder.

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