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Memorial Day observance on steps of Eagle Pass Public Library

Memorial Day is observed across the country in the month of May when the Nation honors and remembers those who have given their lives for our freedom and Country.

Locally, there are 56 heroes who died while serving our Country in the military.

The City of Eagle Pass held a ceremony to honor and remember our fallen heroes.

Eagle Pass Mayor Luis Sifuentes presented a proclamation commemorating and honoring our military heroes. The City also unveiled banners that are hung in the downtown area with pictures of many of those soldiers who died in conflict.

Those fine men and women are
World War I, Veterans CPT. George F. Wellace, 1 LT. Charles Hausser, 2 LT. John M. Jewel, Pfc. Concepcion Ortiz, William Dean, Leroy Bates, and Albert Jones Chase.

In World War II, PFC. Alvaro L. Alvarado, PVT. Oscar V. Backus, Pfc. Gilbert Carasco, Pfc. Refugio H. Flores, 1LT. Garlan B. Ledbetter, PVT. Pedro R. Martinez, PVT. Francisco F. Mauricio, T / Sgt. Raul F. Perez, Pfc. Elias Serrato, Pfc. Gregorio Tovar, 2Lt. David P. Towns, Pfc. V.G. Villareal, PVT. Oscar Wueste, TSGT Alberto Garcia Gil, Francisco Caballero, PVT Jorge Hernandez Flores, Raul O. Reyna, PVT Mylem V. Shamburger, 1LT James W Carver, S1C Caroll Volney Lee Jr., SGT. Marcos S. Duran, CPL Federico R. Oyervides, SGT. Guadalupe A. Mireles, and PFC Jose B. Sanchez,

Korean Conflict L / CPL Martin Rodriguez, SFC Gerardo Escontrias, PVT Robert A. Williams, CPL Luis P. Torres, PVT Pedro R. San Miguel, and SGT Lawrence Hobbs.

Vietnam War, 1LT Thomas De. Chestnault, CPL Juan D. Estrada, PFC David Garza, SP4 Ramiro Herrera JR., SSGT Adrián L. Lynn JR., CPL Ramiro F. Olivo, LCPL Erasmo Palos, PFC Matías Y. Rodríguez JR. , PFC David Chisum, PVT William Mitton, PFC Felipe Villanueva, PFC Baltazar A. Maldonado, Felipe Maldonado, and LCPL Pablo R. Gonzalez.

Persian Gulf War SGT Candelario Montalvo Jr.

Iraq SGT Melissa Valles, and LCPL USMC Stephen Joseph Perez.

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