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Subjects arrested for shooting at a group of people

The Maverick County Sheriff’s Department arrested two subjects on Deadly Conduct charges after they brandished and shot a firearm at a group of people.

Maverick County Sheriff Department Chief Deputy Roberto De Leon reported that the incident which occurred on Monday involved a subject identified as 18 year old Michael Galvan and a 19-year-old female identified as Alana Araceli Rodríguez Vasquez.

De Leon states that Galvan and Rodriguez met up with two 16-year-olds and two adults in an area along Garrison St. where Galvan brandished a weapon. The victims proceeded to leave the area and called law enforcement officials.

Officials made contact with the victims and while investigating found that the vehicle they were in had a bullet impact.

A search began and Galvan and Rodriguez were arrested.

Galvan is facing two charges, one for deadly conduct and another for tampering and altering a weapons serial numbers.

Rodríguez is charged with Deadly Conduct.

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