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Eighteen wheeler carrying undocumented immigrants apprehended

Law Enforcement Authorities reported that an 18 wheeler carrying undocumented immigrants was apprehended on Tuesday morning

Maverick County Sheriff Tom Schmerber reported that Deputies working Operation Stone Garden assisted in the capture of an 18 wheeler truck with 8 undocumented immigrants.

Sheriff Schmerber added that the incident occurred during the morning hours on Tuesday in an area along N. US Highway 277 headed to Del Rio.

Deputies noticed an 18 wheeler in the area acting suspicious. The officers then proceeded to stop the vehicle.

Contact was then made with the driver and a search was made of the 18 wheeler was conducted.

Law enforcement officials discovered 8 undocumented immigrants hiding in the 18 wheeler’s cabin.

The United States Border Patrol detained the 8 individuals and the driver.

They were then transported to the Border Patrol station to be processed.

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