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Tech Company creates map to allow government officials insight into creating COVID policies

April 20, 2020 Report Card

April 27, 2020 Report Card

Unacast.com an information gathering company created an interactive scoreboard which measures social distancing initiatives at the local level through Information provided from cell phone data.

Locally, the company created a virtual map through their data analysis services to try to track or stop the spread of the virus.

Unacast is a data company that collects and provides cellphone location data and analysis to the retail, real estate, marketing, and tourism industries, recently revealed something called the Social Distancing Scoreboard. The scoreboard is an interactive map that assigns letter grades to every state and county in America based on how well Unacast’s data analysis infers that its residents are practicing social distancing.

Maverick County overall received a C- grade on social distancing.

The company base their grades on the following items 40 — 55% Reduction in Average Mobility (Based on Distance Traveled) we received a C,
65-70% Reduction in Non-Essential Visits we got an F , and 82 — 94% Decrease in Encounters Density Compared to National Baseline we got a B.

It’s the first product from the company’s new COVID-19 Location Data Toolkit, and over the coming days and weeks, more location data will be added that the company hopes will show trends and patterns.

One way the maps could help is by showing health officials that surrounding countries are getting better grades, which would imply that their messaging to local residents about social distancing needs improvement.

Importantly, Unacast’s Social Distancing maps don’t show specific individuals. What the public sees is only the analysis of that data, and it only goes down to the county level.

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