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Coronavirus affects us all

The reality of the Coronavirus continues to slowly creep up as we are truly faced with its potential consequences and the ever-changing world, as we knew it.

During this time many of us, have taken to staying home and only living the comfort of our homes to go seek the essentials. For others that is not an option as we must continue working while doing everything possible in avoiding crowds, and being extra careful with what you come in contact with.

Today, like many of us, I had to run to our HEB store to get some very much-needed groceries.

What I saw, in all honesty was eye-opening. As what’s accustomed to being seen on weekends, this time there were few individuals, all pushing a cart to assure some distancing from others as per store requirements. I will say HEB has truly stepped it up to protect its customers, and employees during this troubled time.

As I continued to shop, yes the grocery list did include toiletries, I ran into one individual all dressed up in his best western wear, cowboy vest Included but something was different. He had a medical protective mask on.

I saw this as a moment of reflection that I felt must be shared with anyone who reads our news articles.

If this man, who wears on his head such a strong symbol of the rugged spirit of the American West, is taking such precautionary measures then why don’t we all.

I approached the man who tipped his hat at me, making sure I was at least 6 feet away from him and introduced myself to him.

I then asked him on his thoughts on our current situation and reality and his decision to wear the protective mask.

He then stated that he was a man of very few words but that the reality is “we need to understand that for some this could be death.”

The United States now has more Coronavirus cases than any other Country in the world.

As of March 31, 2020, there are 136,838 positive cases with 2,413 deaths.

Of those 136,838 cases 4,430 people have recovered.

Locally, there have been 159 people tested with 4 positive result and 79 negative results.

There are approximately 76 tests that are pending results.

Let us all work together to stop the potential spread of this virus.

Please do everything possible to follow the restrictions set in place by our public officials.

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