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Remote instruction and the new normal of schools in the era of COVID-19

As thousands of School Districts across the Nation turn to Remote Instruction as their sole source to keep children participating in their academic activities, the 2019-2020 school year is close to two months from ending.

One of the biggest questions raised by parents of graduating students is will they be allowed to hold their graduation commencement.

Some say that this new deadly threat is another of many, life altering uncontrollable situations that everyone including our younger generations have had to deal with.

For kids born just after the events of 9/11 this is another shock in the system.

These children were the post-9/11 era and had to endure school shooting drills, tornado drills, fire drills and their teachers had to prepare for these calamities as part of their classroom instruction.

However, in the mid part of the month of March they had to shift from classroom instruction to remote and on-line instruction because of a new deadly threat, COVID-19.

At this point, a new era of pandemic response and social distancing took hold.

Many educators are well aware of these shifts, their effects and consequences in how things will move forward after this.

One local educator stated that they are working hard during this time and adjusting to the remote instruction they are doing.

“When we look at the suggestions from the CDC and TDSHS it takes into account that we need to develop a schedule for children that are on remote instruction. This helps to keep them structured and allow parents to work around their schedule as some of them may work from home. Most parents can now assist their children with assignments and allow for increased interaction between parents and children,” said the educator.

Another educator stated that, “Students are very responsive to the instruction, it seems that they are welcoming some type of communication from schools and from their teachers mainly. This may be as a result of the structured environment in the classroom and allowing families to maintain a sense of normalcy.”

“It’s definitely a change on how we do things, but under the circumstances I am grateful not being exposed to possible infections’ day in day out,” said another educator. “This change also allows for a sense of security for educators, their families, students and their families on preventing possible infection by COVID-19. “It is better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to our families. We appreciate the fact that they decided to not put ours and our families lives in danger.”

While it may be an inconvenience to some the greater good and safety of all is what matters.

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