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City/County hold press conference to update on COVID

Public Officials held another press conference on Monday, March 23 in which they announced that the state had reported that two pending COVID-19 tests had two tests come back negative.

Mayor Luis Sifuentes and County Judge David Saucedo reported to the community that as of Monday afternoon 4 of the 11 individuals who have been tested have come back negative and one has tested positive for COVID-19. Mayor Sifuentes added that State Health officials did determine that the individual who tested positive more than likely contracted the virus through community spread. “This is why it’s extremely important that people follow all rules and restrictions,” said Mayor Sifuentes.

“We continue working together to assure that we can provide the services needed during this time,” added Judge Saucedo. Public officials have set up a phone line where people who have questions regarding the virus, symptoms and other issues can call to seek advice. The following number 830-421-5122 has been established as a call center for residents of Maverick County — City of Eagle Pass. Residents with questions regarding COVID-19, may call this number for information only. Hours of operations: Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. to 4:00.p.m.

Calls will be taken in the order received and will be answered by EMS Professionals. This line is established for guidance only. For emergencies, residents shall continue to dial 911.

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