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Relections on our new normal, as the enemy is on your porch

Jose G. Landa

Maverick County has been under a declaration of emergency for five days as officials continue working together in understanding and conveying the severity of what we are now living.

As of today, 11 people have been tested for the Coronavirus locally, with two of those tests coming back negative and one case testing positive.

The other 8 test results are pending.

Meanwhile, the community is adapting to our new reality, a new normal, unlike anything we’ve seen before.

We have found out what we have known since the spread of this virus, the inevitable that there is a positive test for COVID-19 in our community.

Uncertainty, can usually cause a stir of panic which is only a natural reaction which is an unavoidable part of daily life.

But what do we do?

We definitely cannot see into the future and can never be certain about what will happen.

The fact that the Coronavirus threatens us all really tests our
ability to tolerate uncertainty.

The threat is much real, and the exacerbation of the problem with certain actions and often non actions can only push us to our limits as a society.

During this troubled times and as a journalist all I can do is write.

We ask you to heed to the warnings and recommendations from those who are in charge of keeping us safe, if possible.

Citizens are advised to:

If you have traveled to hot zones (in Texas, the US or out of Country) you NEED to Self Quarantine immediately.

If you present symptoms, DO NOT go to the ER or Drs. Office, call first and advise.

Practice Social Distancing and remember to stay at minimum 6 feet (1.83 m) from anyone else.

Wash your hands frequently and use Hand Sanitizer if needed.

It is always better to prevent than lament.

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