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Eagle Pass ISD dealing with Social Media threats

Law enforcement officials for the Eagle Pass Independent School District will strengthen surveillance on Friday following a threat of shooting allegedly made by a student through a social media outlet.

Eagle Pass Superintendent Samuel Mijares, confirmed that the District became aware of the threat and the police are already investigating who made it.

He commented that these types of comments through social networks are taken very seriously, so surveillance will be reinforced.

An Eagle Pass Junior High School page on the internet posted out this statement.

We want our EPJH community to be aware of our continued commitment to safety which includes multiple, proactive approaches to fortifying the security throughout our school.

We are aware of several unsubstantiated threats on various social media outlets that have been circulating regarding the safety of our school.

Let me reassure you that everyone in our school is safe. Please have a conversation with your child about using social media responsibly. Sometimes social media posts are untrue and can cause unnecessary disruptions and anxiety among students and staff.

This is a reminder to all student that it is prohibited to send/post electronic messages that are abusive, obscene, sexually oriented, threatening, harassing, or damaging to our educational environment.

The Telecommunication Devices Policy forbids the use of electronic devices during school hours.

If you have any questions please contact EPJH school office at (830) 758-7039.

In the past few years the Eagle Pass Independent School District has dealt with several threats made from student’s. Thankfully they were handled appropriately at the time.

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