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Christopher De Leon found not guilty

A Jury of 12, found Christopher De Leon not guilty of the murder of 27 year old Miguel Salinas. The tragic murder occurred back in March 2018 when De Leon and Salinas were involved in an altercation that took the life of Salinas and severely injured his brother Sabino Salinas. The jury went in to deliberation Monday morning after hearing all the evidence and arguments from the State’s prosecutors led by 293rd District Attorney Roberto Serna and De Leon’s Defense Attorneys Gregory and Natasha Torres for 8 days. During the trial proceedings the prosecution presented all evidence available in the case Including witnesses who gave vital details on the tragic occurrence which took place back in March 2018. De Leon’s Attorneys broke down the case and proceeded to argue against all evidence presented, citing self defense as the main reason De Leon used a firearm and mortally wounded Miguel Salinas. Serna and the prosecution argued that De Leon was the all out aggressor and Salinas was attempting to stop him from hurting anyone that tragic night. The verdict came in at approximately 3:00 pm on Monday, January 20 amidst a large group of people including family members from both sides of this tragedy.

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