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Gabriel Nájera to hold inspirational speaking event

Gabriel Nájera a renowned motivational speaker and presenter will be holding a conference presentation in Eagle Pass on Sunday, December 8 at the International Center for Trade at 4:30 on.

Najera is a motivational speaker who was born in Mexico City in 1966. He has a disability by not having arms and having very short legs, since his feet did not fully develop and at birth the diagnosis of doctors was that he had died, however, life gave him a chance even though they gave him little hope of survival.

Nájera is a great example because he has managed to succeed in the professional and personal sphere. He is a happy man, full of life, ideas, illusions and dreams; He describes himself as a human being who, above all, feels “complete.”

Along the yers, Najera has positioned himself as a motivational speaker without arms of international stature and an example of life for people with different abilities.

Najera’s desire is to share his life experience, wanting to reach anyone who wants to hear it and form an idea of what success is from happiness and a positive thought of life, because its main objective is to understand that anything is possible.

The event will be free to the public and is being sponsored by Shining Star a group from Eagle Pass with special needs children.

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