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Eagle Pass Water Works searched by FBI as part of an investigation

Eagle Pass Water Works System General Manager Jorge Barrera held a press conference on Monday to report that the Federal Bureau of Investigation visited their offices on Thursday, September 19 as part of an ongoing investigation.

Barrera addressed the issue and stated that FBI Agents did In fact conduct an operation at the EPWWS offices .

“First and Foremost I want to make it clear that the Eagle Pass Water Works System has always conducted its business and activities in a very professional, cooperative, and transparent manner,” said Barrera.” Last week the Federal Bureau of investigation came to Waterworks with an investigation we cannot comment on, at this time on the investigation itself. EPWWS fully cooperated with the FBI, we gave them any information they were looking for and answered any questions that they had. They collected the information they needed and left,” said Barrera. “ We conducted our own review of our departments and processes to ensure that everything is clear and transparent and to ensure that everyone is adhering to our policies and standards. After speaking to the FBI we feel that there are no illegal actions taking place. Our employees should be clear from any wrong doing and so should the Eagle Pass Water Works. If we do see that something is being done not in accordance with our policies or is illegal we’re prepared to take immediate action and do the right thing.”

The cause of the FBI’s investigation into the EPWWS is unknown at this time and those questioned may not comment on the issue because it can somehow hinder the investigation process taking place.

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