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Maverick County resident perishes in collision

A 80 year-old Maverick County resident, Juan Treviño, tragically lost his life as he was out walking on Mikulinski Road in the Balcones Heights Sector of the community.

The tragic accident occurred at approximately 10:30pm on Wednesday, July 31 when a motor vehicle struck the elderly man.

The accident occurred as Treviño was out walking in an area near Henry B. Gonzalez. A vehicle conducted by a young individual was passing by the area when he struck the victim.

Maverick County Sheriff deputies arrived at the scene and a determination was made that the man had died of his injuries.

The deputies notified Pct. 4 Justice of the Peace Tere Hernandez who shortly arrived to issue a pronouncement of death.

Memorial Funeral Chapel was summoned to the scene to remove the body and transport it to the funeral home.

The tragic incident has been classified an accident but an inquiry is taking place

Update: 23 year-old Martin Amado Medellin was arrested and is being investigated for leaving the scene of the accident

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