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Seventeen year old arrested for multiple charges including murder

A 17 year- old Maverick County resident identified as Felipe Miranda was arrested by the Maverick County Sheriff’s Department under an arrest warrant out of Kinney County for multiple charges including murder. The subjects arrest stems from a high speed chase through Kinney County in the month of June which resulted in the death of an undocumented immigrant and injuries to others.

Miranda’s bond is set at around $350,000 for several charges which includes a $100,000 bond for murder, evading arrest $5,000, smuggling of persons child under 18 years of age one charge bond $50,000, engaging in organized criminal activity $100,000 bond, smuggling of persons resulting in death of smuggled individual bond $100,000.

Miranda allegedly was involved in a smuggling incident that resulted in a high speed chase which ended tragically after the vehicle The subjects were in crashed.

Kinney County officials were able to detain six individuals on charges related to the pursuit and accident which occurred on June 21, 2019.

All subjects involved are reported to be under the age of 18

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