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New State law to change the way city charges for building permits

The City of Eagle Pass approved changing the way they charge for residential building construction permits due to a change in state law which mandates such charges.

The Eagle Pass Council approved an ordinance amendment looking to adopt a new manner in which fees are determined and collected for residential construction permits within the city’s jurisdiction at their meeting held on Friday, July 5, 2019.

The new amendment would comply with new regulations set by the Texas Legislature and signed into law by Governor Greg Abbott which governs building permit fees.

The Texas Legislature passed legislation during its 86th session prohibiting the assessment of building permit fees for residential projects on a valuation of a residential structure.

“With the new law passed it has made that illegal,” said City Engineer Vanessa Rosales.

The City Council approved to update the city’s fees involving residential building permits based on the square footage of the proposed construction project and not on the valuation of the structure as recommended by engineer Rosales. The new law and city amendment does not apply to commercial projects,

The new city amendment schedule and costs are available through the City of Eagle Pass Planning Department.

The new proposed fee is to be at a $0.40 cents per square footage under the guide of the new amendment to Chapter 8, Article II, Section 8-19 of the City of Eagle Pass, Texas (“City”) Code of Ordinances.

The ordinance will be brought back to the City Council two more times are required by law.

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