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Three year old child wounded by stray bullet

A three-year-old child wounded by a stray bullet that impacted him in one of his leg’s on Monday, June 24, 2019.

The tragic incident occurred in a home in the Chula Vista Sector of the community.

Maverick County Sheriff’s Department incident reports state that Deputies were summoned to a home on Alamo St. at approximately 9:00 pm regarding a child who had been shot.

Upon arriving at the scene, Deputies made contact with the child’s parents who stated the young boy was shot at least one time by what appeared to be a stray bullet.

The Eagle Pass Fire Department EMS services were summoned to the area and arrived shortly.

EMT’s proceeded to assist the child and transported him to the Fort Duncan Regional Medical Centers Emergency facility for evaluation and treatment.

The child was later transported to a San Antonio hospital for further medical treatment.

The Maverick County Sheriff Department is currently investigating this incident.

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