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Kinney County Law Enforcement involved in high speed chase

Law enforcement officials from Kinney County were involved in a high speed chase which resulted in the death of an undocumented immigrant and injury of several others.

The tragic incident is reported to have occurred at approximately 11:00 pm on Friday June, 21, 2019 on a rural road near the town of Brackettville, Texas in Kinney County.

Law enforcement officials report that a traffic stop on a truck was initiated due to a discrepancy on its license plates. The driver of the truck did not comply and proceeded to lead law enforcement officers on a high speed chase.

The pursuit ended when the suspect’s vehicle violently veered of the road and crashed.

There were A total of 9 migrants being transported in the pickup truck and two U.S. citizens.

Ironically, this accident occurred almost a year to the day from a similar tragedy in Dimmit County.

Back in June 2018 a Suburban carrying Mexican migrants involved in a police chase overturned near Big Wells and 5 people died lost their lives.

An 18-year-old Eagle Pass resident is detained in Del Río waiting to be sentenced for this tragic incident.

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