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Fifteen years since the discovery of “Cristo de los indocumentados”

It has been 15 years since the faith was restored for many people in our community and travelers from Mexico and other Countries when a Relic of the Crucifixion was found by U.S Border Patrol agents floating in the Rio Grande River.

The relic was secured and later on named “El Cristo de los Indocumentados.”

Back in 2004 Border Patrol agents were summoned to an area along the Rio Grande river when what appeared to be the body of an individual ( undocumented immigrant) was spotted from a patrolling helicopter floating down the river.

Once agents arrived at the area they were stunned to find a five-foot statue of Jesus Christ that came from who knows where.

It was something unexplainable at the time and until today, remains a mystery of how it ended up in the river.

The Border Patrol turned the Relic over to the Eagle Pass Police Department where it remained for several months.

At that point, hundreds of people began to visit and pray to the Christ which was placed on the police department evidence room door.

And that is where the mystery beings and where it still remains. No one seems to know where the statue came from but it has restored the faith for thousands of people from all walks of life since it appeared, 15 years ago,

“ It crossed into the United States through Mexico looking to shine a light on people’s faith and spirit,” says a community member.

The relic was eventually donated to the Our Lady of Refuge Church and remains there as a symbol for so many who seek a better life and Refuge in our country often from religious persecution.

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