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Bullying, a growing concern and a community issue

Bullying has occurred in our school systems and in society in general for years. However, this is no excuse and is a problem that should be addressed as a community in whole, instead of pointing fingers trying to find someone to blame.

Although bullying will be prevalent from here on after. What will be done to assist the victims and stop such acts is left to society in general.

Locally, a video was captured of a student being taunted and bullied by two other kids. The video was posted online and caused an uproar among people who question why are such things occurring in our school system.

The reality of things is that casting blame is not the solution to a recurring issue that is a WE problem. While the perpetrators should be held accountable for their actions, what are we as individuals, parents, teachers, community members doing to prevent bullying?

In recent years due to the prevalence of social media and use of cell phone cameras this type of bullying videos have been captured as evidence for authorities to disseminate in order to prevent these incidences and set forth a comprehensive plan of action and awareness of this societal problem before its too late.

One example is back in 2018 a student at Memorial Junior High School allegedly threatened to bring a gun to school and harm his classmates.

Children will be children, is no longer an excuse due to so many cases of bullying that have ended in brutal consequential actions that have led to crimes, murders, and suicides as a result of society’s lack of actions against this type of incidences.

The question is not why and who is to blame including local school administrations. But since this type of actions is now recorded the question is now what will our school district and society as a whole do to bring light to a problem that has festered for years.

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