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EPPD Police Chief releases statement on loose animals

Eagle Pass Police Chief Albert Guajardo recently issued out a statement on Friday, March 29 addressing loose animals and the consequences of animal bites/attacks.

“ I would like to remind the community of the city ordinance pertaining to animals within City Limits, more specifically, dogs running at large. Animals including dogs must be contained within one’s private property and refrain from the infringing on surrounding homes and their inhabitants. Simply put, pet owners, especially owners of all breeds of dogs are responsible for keeping their pets in a secure area of the residence where the animals cannot leave the premises,” stated Chief Guajardo. “I also want to remind the community about citizens who fail to properly secure their pets who eventually end up roaming to the open public sector of a community, especially our public streets, specifically dogs running at large may come in contact with citizens in a menacing manner presenting a dangerous situation that could result in serious injury to our citizens. I strongly advise that all pet owners who fail to properly secure their pets, especially dog breeds of all types and an attack and/or injure a person in a public space will be subject to a criminal investigation and or fines. I advise the community to report all animals roaming or public streets that present a nuisance or hazard to the Eagle Pass Police Department at 830-773-9044. Avoid encounters with an aggressive type of animal, for example, large breed dogs as much as possible. Contact 911 emergency if an aggressive type dog is seen in our streets or has been the subject of an attack and/or bite of a person. When a complaint is received on an animal running at large, the City of Eagle Pass Police Department, Animal Control Officers and Code Enforcement Officers may enforce the provisions set forth in Chapter 6 of the Code of Ordinances for the City of Eagle Pass. Penalties for violation of this ordinance under Section 6- 27 may result in the issuance of a municipal court citation with fines not to exceed $200 for every day that such violation continues, and each violation will be considered a separate offense. Chapter 6 of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Eagle Pass may be found at http//www.eaglepasstx.us/ under the government tab, City Secretary, Ordinances. I welcome all our citizens to obey all our city ordinances especially those that may bring harm to others,” concluded Guajardo.

In the past 30 days The City of Eagle Pass Vector Control has reported 5 animal bites within city limits.

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