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President Trump threatens to shut down border / Mayor Cantu responds

United States President Donald Trump has threatened to shut down all Port of Entries along, the Southwestern Border by this week.

The actions are in part due to an influx of Central American migrants who have surged the number of illegal detentions this fiscal year as compared to the same time last year.

Trump has stated that this will be done so because of Mexico’s inability to stop illegal immigration to the U.S. from their country.

The issue goes far beyond an illegal immigration problem and a shutdown of the ports of entries would severely affect the economy of both sides of the border.

A substantial closure could heavily impact both nations.

In our region, the Eagle Pass Port of Entries handles trade flows of about $40,000,000,000 on an annual basis. A closure would also hit the City of Eagle Pass who’s budget is largely made up from bridge revenues.

Eagle Pass Mayor Ramsey E. Cantu sees no sense in the President’s declaration of closing the border in the face of the immigration crisis.

“We hope it does not happen,” Mayor Cantu.”This actions would obviously affect both countries negatively in numerous ways including the commercial, economic and other aspects.”

Mayor Cantu expressed that he had reiterated on numerous occasions that what needs to be set is comprehensive migratory reform which would help address issues such as surges of caravans instead of closing the border which would come with negative economic repercussions.

“We hope that the closure of the border will not take place, but with this President we do not know,” concluded Mayor Cantu.

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