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Undocumented immigrant almost crushed by city trash compactor

An undocumented migrant was almost crushed to death by a City Trash Compacting Truck.

The Honduran National had apparently gotten into a trash bin to spend the night and was abruptly awoken at around 5:00 am when the vehicle showed up for trash pickup.

The individual and bin contents were then dumped into the powerful compacter to be crushed.

The migrant is reported to have been yelling for help in which the driver of the vehicle heard and quickly stopped the compacter.

He was eventually assisted out of the compacter and questioned.

It’s reported that he stated he was from Honduras and had hid in the trash bin to rest.

He then quickly ran off and disappeared in an area along El Indio Highway.

Last year there was a similar incident that occurred in the downtown area of Eagle Pass.

Due to this incident, City Waste Collectors have been advised to be more careful and check trash bins before beginning to dispose of their contents into the trash compacter units

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