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Over medication of elderly female reported

Tragically an 85-year-old Maverick County resident died from over medication of one of her prescribed medicines in our community last week.

The female individual is reported to have over medicated herself and sadly was declared deceased.

Medical Practitioners and Emergency Service Personnel often see problems of individuals who over-medicate themselves with prescribed medications.

This is an issue that occurs all over the country and leads to thousands of deaths.

Local Law Enforcement, Fire Department personnel, and Medical Practitioners do ask the community to be careful when taking any type of medicine.

“We ask you to take all the precautions when using any prescribed medicine including keeping a count of what you are taking or are supposed to take,” said an EMS technician.

Prescription medications are consumed by tens of millions of Americans each day and medication-related deaths are on the rise on a yearly basis.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that over 100,000 people die each year from prescription drugs in the United States.

Currently, Maverick County, The City of Eagle Pass, and The Maverick County Hospital District are adjoined to an Opioid lawsuit filed against 25 Pharmaceutical Companies.

Maverick County who was one of the first plaintiffs in the State to file suit back in 2017.

The lawsuit filed against the companies is seeking recovery of expenses absorbed by the entities due to issues such as addictions and any other effect that the Opioid epidemic has caused to our community and those

entities involved in the lawsuit.

The Opioid epidemic has hit our nation hard as its estimated that Americans consume 80 % of the world’s Opioid supply.

Studies show that approximately 83 % of the people who use heroin started off with Opioid prescriptions.

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