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Family of undocumented immigrants rescued after failed attempt to cross Rio Grande

A family of undocumented immigrants including a newborn infant was rescued from the Rio Grande River on Sunday, February 10, 2019, after they attempted to cross illegally into the United States but were trapped in the middle of the river.

The family of five attempted to cross the river at approximately 6:00 pm and were stuck in the middle refusing to be rescued by Mexican immigration officials.

The heartbreaking and dangerous situation went on for two hours as the family endured 40-degree weather hoping to be rescued by U. S. Border Patrol.

Everyone involved in the rescue and hundreds of spectators could hear the agonizing cries from the children who were completely wet and freezing due to the low temperatures.

The sounds of anguish were too much for one female Piedras Negras resident who went into the river and approached the family and began to try to convince the mother to allow for Grupo Beta to rescue her and the children.

After pleading with the adult female for close to 30 minutes the female undocumented immigrant agreed to be picked up by boat and be taken back on Mexico soil.

Grupo Beta then began the rescue efforts as they approached the family who was standing on a large boulder in the middle of the River,

The children were the first to be rescued and quickly put inside an ambulance where they were treated for signs of hypothermia.

The newborn child was visibly in distress as EMS personnel tended to him. The mother was the last one to be rescued and they were then transported to a Piedras Negras hospital.

U.S. Border Patrol and Law Enforcement officials on the United States side of the river kept a close watch as the rescue took place.

There have been approximately 25 individuals who have been rescued from the Rio Grande River in the past week in an area along both ports of entries.

The number is expected to increase as desperation to be detained and processed by U.S. Immigration is leading so many to risk their lives in attempts to hopefully be rescued and be brought on to U.S. Soil where they will end up in federal custody

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