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Law Enforcement continue increased presence on the border

As the days pass U.S. law enforcement personnel continue to make their presence felt along the Eagle Pass/ Piedras Negras border in preparations for the worst but with hopes for the best.

On the other side of the border, Mexican officials continue doing what they can to contain a group of almost 2,000 migrants who are seeking asylum in the United States.

Up to now, there are close to 500 State Troopers who have been sent into the area to assist with any re-enforcement of the 80 miles of border between the Maverick County and Mexico. On Tuesday evening close to 300 U.S. Troops also arrived and have now made their way to our county to assist in the humanitarian /security crisis.

On Wednesday afternoon U.S. Customs Eagle Pass Port Director Paul del Rincon and Del Rio Sector Border Patrol Chief Agent Matthew J. Hudak, Texas Department of Public Safety Officials and Eagle Pass City Officials held a press conference to update the media and community over on-going efforts to fortify the border and assure the peace.

Del Rincon addressed the issue and stated that up to this point numerous U.S. agencies are working in conjunction to assure that what happened in California, where a caravan of migrants stormed the border does not happen here.

Del Rincon did state that his department is processing individuals but they can only hold 16 to 20 asylum claims/briefings per day and they take up to three hours. “We do ask for patience through this process.”

Hudak also spoke of the consequences for anyone trying to cross into the U.S. Illegally. “There is a right way to seek asylum. If someone was to enter illegally, that is criminal.”

Hudak was then asked about a video that surfaced showing Border Patrol Agents detaining a group of approximately 15 people including children who were believed to be part of the migrating caravan.

Hudak did confirm that Border Patrol Agents had detained 35 people the night before. And that some of those detainees had claimed they were part of the caravan in Piedras Negras, something that would be hard to confirm.

The video that shows the group of 15 people being detained next to the rivers edge surfaced on Monday evening.

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