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First Responders receive an emergency call regarding attempted suicide

Eagle Pass Police Department and Eagle Pass Fire Department EMS personnel responded to an emergency call on Thursday, February 7 regarding an attempted suicide.

Eagle Pass Police Department police reports state that a 21-year-old female attempted to take her life by inflicting a knife wound to her neck area.

Eppd officials arrived at a home located in the 2600 block of Crown View Drive within city limits where it was reported that the female had locked herself in the restroom and was threatening to commit suicide.

Upon making contact with the individual, officers found that she had sustained a self-inflicted wound to the neck area.

EPFD EMS personnel quickly assisted the female, and she was then transported to the Fort Duncan Regional Medical Center emergency room for further treatment.

It is unknown to why the female took such actions to harm herself.

The incident has been reported to the Camino Real Mental Health Services Agency where they may assist this person with mental health treatment.

This is the second incident involving at least two individuals who have threatened/ attempted to commit suicide this week

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