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Cancer a growing issue in Maverick County

Cancer is a community issue that continues to grow on a yearly basis. A true picture of how many individuals are stricken by the disease is unclear but a glimpse into the problem can be found in the number of patients that the Maverick County Hospital District (MCHD) sees and assists on a yearly basis through their Oncology Program.

During 2018, the MCHD saw 1,075 Oncology/ Hematology patients through their medical services program. The number of patients seen through the MCHD represents approximately 2 % of the entire population in Maverick County (60,000) as of 2018.

It’s unknown how many of those patients are diagnosed with some type of Cancer at this time.

What’s known is that the number of patients seen through the MCHD Oncology/ Hematology program has increased in the past 4 years.

Back in April 2014, the MCHD reported that they had a total of 697 Cancer Patients that were seen from 2011 to 2014.

During this past year, the district reported that they had seen at least 1,075 people who consulted with them over an issue dealing with Cancer. This is certainly a cause of concern due to the increase of people seeking medical attention through the District’s Oncology program as compared to previous years.

One of the underlining issues to determine how many people are afflicted by the disease is individuals who are diagnosed and treated elsewhere besides Maverick County. Those numbers are hard to determine due to confidentiality issues.

What’s important to note is that a few years ago the Maverick County Hospital District and its Board of Trustees saw a great need to assist people from our community who are afflicted by Cancer and they continue doing so through their Oncology/ hematology program.

“The program was built because as a community we have a great problem with Cancer, we wouldn’t need it if we didn’t,” said one Medical Professional.

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