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Increase in Emergency Calls in 2018 to Eagle Pass Fire Department

The Eagle Pass Fire Department had a 15% increase in emergency calls in 2018 as compared to 2017.

EPFD reports show that at the end of the year they had 7,758 emergency calls from both the county and city limits combined. While in 2017 there were 6,748 calls reported a difference of 1,011 more emergency calls which include Fire and Emergency Medical Service calls.

This increase represents an average of approximately 21 calls per day in 2018 while in 2017 there were approximately 18 calls per day recorded.

The newest emergency calls statistics reflects growth in our community and most importantly the need for reinforcement of emergency services within our county as well.

Often times the daily strain of the increase in calls can be seen as emergency crews have changed their approach to emergency responses this past year.

One of the protocols that were changed was the way that fire units respond to calls. With every call that comes in for EMS services, an accompanying fire engine is taken along to be able to be prepared if any other call comes into the units responding area.

They say that with growth comes changes and the way that the Eagle Pass Fire Department is now handling their work is a true picture of that growth and change of approach.

The City of Eagle Pass is increasing the amount of fire department personnel they have on board and are contracting.

Currently, the City is negotiating with Maverick County to possibly increase the number of funds the County pays on a yearly basis for City of Eagle Pass Fire services.

This increase is being sought mainly because of the increase in calls being seen on a yearly basis.

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