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Recent windstorms affect hundreds of Maverick County homes

Hundreds if not thousands of homes in Maverick County were recently damaged by a High Wind Storm that swept our region.

A majority of those homes have no homeowners insurance which becomes a burden on the owner to fix their homes and avoid further deterioration from other inclement weather events.

One homeowner had most of his home’s roof damaged as the high winds reached up to 45 MPH and tore off the majority of its shingles.

“We have to fix it ourselves. We have no insurance due to skyrocketing prices over the years. But we were able to scrap up the money and begin to patch it up,” said the homeowner. “ I can imagine that there are thousands of homeowners in the area that are dealing with this issue as well.”

Ascertaining a true figure of how many homes were affected by the high wind storm is next to impossible. But the chances that numerous homes, businesses and other property was damaged, catching many of those homeowners without insurance to cover the costs of damages is highly likely.

“The cost of homeowners insurance has increased beyond being reasonable. Often times people from the community cannot afford to get the coverage,” said a local insurance agent.

Reports from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners show that average home insurance rates have risen in every state in the last decade and will more than likely continue to increase. Insurance companies point to the frequency and severity of natural disasters as one of the main reasons for those increase.

Although homeowners insurance is essential to protect the property owner in the event of damage from severe weather certain situations have caused companies to increase rates. Issues such as lawsuits relating to property damage claims have added to increases in costs often making homeowners insurance too expensive, or not offered at all, for consumers in some areas.

For now, many local homeowners have no other choice but to repair the damages to their homes. properties on their own at some point in time.

“Let’s just hope that we don’t have any more severe weather, storms that will add to our problem and we are able to fix our roof before they do.” added the homeowner.

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