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District Judge announces public hearing for appointment of County Auditor

365th Judicial District Judge Amado Abascal announced that a public hearing will be held for the appointment of the vacated position of Maverick County Auditor which is scheduled to be held on January 18, 2018 at 8:45 am.

The purpose of the hearing is to name an Assistant County Auditor and to set the compensation of the Maverick County Auditor and the newly appointed assistant County Auditor and to adjust the compensation of a current Assistant County Auditor.

The position was left vacant after Maverick County Auditor Sandra Watkins tendered her letter of resignation on Friday, October 20, 2018, after serving in the position of auditor since 2015.

District Judge Amado Abascal and newly appointed 293rd District Judge Maribel Flores are expected to appoint and set compensation changes to their salaries during the public hearing /meeting.

The County Auditors Department is currently h being handled by the current staff.

Sandra Wartkins had replaced then-County Auditor Fidencio Ortiz in a controversial fashion after problems came to a boil between Ortiz and the County Commissioners Court.

Watkins was appointed in a controversial split vote between the two District Judges and a third party Judge who was called in to break a stalemate decision to continue with Ortiz or hire someone else.

Back then District Judge Amado Abascal voted to keep Ortiz as County Auditor.

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